materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information

First there is the note I like to refer to it, namely that it is worth the teacher to distinguish between educational materials and educational devices.
The materials include educational Film, cylinders, maps, photos, models, and other materials.
The educational devices are: hardware or special run movies and cylinder machines, so when we say teaching aids we mean materials and devices together but when we say education techniques, this goes beyond just merely materials and equipment to organizations and concepts, methods and activities in scientific structured framework.
Educational method definitions knew many definitions Among those definitions are:
Component of the overall educational system elements seek to achieve specific educational goals.
Materials and equipment and educational positions used by the teacher in the field of education and communication system in a manner particular to clarify the interpretation of a vague idea or concept or explain one of the topics in order to achieve the objectives of the specific student behavior.
Tools and methods that are used in different educational situations which never rely solely on understanding the words, symbols and numbers.
Range of expertise, materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information to the mind of the student, whether in the classroom, or outside in order to improve the educational situation, which is the student’s basic point.
Each tool or material used by the teacher in order to achieve the educational process appropriate atmosphere helps to access Ptlamivh to correct science and knowledge they in turn benefit from them in the learning process and gain experience.
Educators may be included in the designation was teaching aids have multiple names, including:
Legends, visual aids, hearing aids, aids, teaching aids, and the latest naming her education or learning techniques technology.
Education and techniques means the application of science knowledge in scientific purposes in an orderly fashion 0
We conclude from this comprehensive definition of educational aids (teaching techniques) it:
All methods and tools and hardware and regulations used in the education system in order to achieve specific educational goals 0
Classification of teaching aids (teaching techniques)
Try specialists over a long classified as educational tools periods, and has already resulted in us in the field many of the classifications and was the most important rating (Adjardel) is one of the most classifications importance is the most important common so as to accuracy taxonomic basis for the world Adjardel and this category called many of Titles Sometimes It called (cone experience) and sometimes called (the pyramid of experience) and from there called rating (Dell) for the means of educational and some of them called rating (Adjardel) for educational means. When we examine the classification of Adjardel educational means we find put direct experience in the base of the pyramid and which I consider the best types of educational methods because the student which deals with real expertise, which will benefit some experience in all senses and which will act real experience the natural by its own conduct, and we find the contrast in the top of the pyramid verbal symbols that only affect the sense of hearing only (Whenever we went to Zada ​​base Cone degree sensual, and as we head to the increased degree of abstraction top of the pyramid) and this only applies to the cone experience.
Watching the cone’s Experience (Edgar Dale) notes three types of education:
The first type is the so-called education through various practices and activities which include the cone (direct experiences aimed – amended experiences – experiences actress or the so-called Palmmsarhh).
Type II: the so-called education through the observations and views which include the Cone (clarification process – Field visits – exhibitions – educational television and animated films – still images – audio) recordings.
Type III: the so-called education through mental abstractions and analysis which includes the cone (visual symbols – verbal symbols).
But the question that arises (Why does not always provide the direct experience?)
Because there are some difficulties that might hinder the teacher in choosing a particular educational means, and between those difficulties as follows: -
1 – provide direct experience difficulty at all times.
2 – the seriousness of direct experience.
3 – direct experience quite expensive.

Old educational gave man himself and his recent time

Teaching aids
Old educational gave man himself and his recent time God has hit people parables to show them the ways of good and evil ways and close them’s concrete examples from their lives that the Koran is replete with examples that bring distant meanings to the minds of receiving images of felt watched or touched the receiver to listen to the Koran, he says (God is light, the heavens and the earth, such as light Km_kah the lamp in the bottle like a dry planet kindles from a blessed olive tree does not Eastern nor Western almost its oil shines though no fire Thompssh Noor Noor Allah guides whom He will and God strikes parables for people and God’s knowledge of all things ) Surat Al-Nur verse 35. The remembrance of Allah Almighty the story of Abel and Cain, and how God sent Him grappa kills grappa another and bury him to teach Abel how to hide the shame of his brother this way process, as well as the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him came explaining to the nation about their religion, using parables and images perceived and eloquent stories and practical lessons, he said, peace be upon him: (insured for the insured Kalpnian pull together) and then clasped between his fingers. And people in all their lives using Legends to bring ideas and concepts and to clarify what they want to deliver it to their listeners, and human developed certain ways to connect his ideas ranging from human stone drawings on caves and down to the use of modern technology, which on top of the computer and multiple applications and devices, audio-visual and audio-visual samples and exhibitions and laboratory experiments, field visits and paintings of various kinds, blackboards and other Legends. If the means of educational existed since ancient times but the man was used without programming and was born of the moment and the situation, then evolved the evolution of man himself and there was a need for the means of education in the field of education since the beginnings of education as realized educators need the teacher and the learner’s educational aids to the success of the learning and teaching process, we might wonder some teachers newly taught about the feasibility of teaching aids, and usefulness of the educational process, as long as that man is able to deliver information through absolute verbal as he is not in need of educational means by which the cost of time and effort and money, and the answer to this is that the verbal and a lot of them may not succeed in the transfer of information image he wants the sender, but this may be verbal misleading meaning and on top of that the teaching aids, whether audio or visual or audio-visual at the same time able to transfer the information or experience more clearly and accurately, more attractive and interesting to the learner than be claimed for stability and firmness This information or expertise, as well as the lesson that leads without an educational way depends on the sense of one as opposed to the lesson performed using educational means we will have shared with us the more sense in accordance with one of the psychology view laws: [forgot something participated in the study Hactan more] then The lesson the means learning takes time and effort is much less than the lesson that is devoid of teaching aids Let us take for example, if we compare the teachers lead the lesson himself and assume that all rock types The teacher first explain the lesson explanation verbally abstract dependent on its ability verbal only and the teacher the other took with him a small sampling hired out of the creek when it was introduced for the lesson whichever takes less time in the implementation of the lesson? Whichever is less, and make an effort? In either case the experience will more accurately and more clearly? And students of any of them will be more accommodating and more popular and responsive? But the most important question in any information the two positions will be more stable and longer established.

And hair word

Poet: Teacher Salem Hassan al-Jabri / Hope Institute for the Deaf in Makkah

Education Technology
Passed through educational means multiple stages of definition yet arrived at this stage to what became known as the (learning techniques) and this development is not in word, but also is the evolution of the concept also function as the term of teaching aids is limited mostly to material things only while the term Education technology goes beyond that to the concepts and ideas in organizations and scientific educational benefit from the achievements of the modern era in a scientific way of thinking and taking into account the implementation of educational, ethical and psychological aspects of the framework.
Educational means in terms of definition and concept:

Teachers responded with e-learning techniques

Teachers responded with e-learning techniques and to participate in enriching educational sites through (Add notes, in addition typical lessons).
Manpower training and development of skills is a cornerstone to the success of any style or application of learning a new way, and to develop training scheme by a dedicated team further simplify and facilitate the delivery of information, and above all this must be the presence of the desire of the trainee so that it can accommodate everything that goes on around him on this subject, so the training of the three elements together form the strong start to the successful application of this idea and elements of the training is limited to the instructor and the trainee and the training material.
The teacher must be seen e-learning as a means of learning new support for his role in the creation of conscious generation carrying torches of science and knowledge and in line of what the world is witnessing the acceleration of technical and digital transformation, so Teacher successful technically and who wishes to keep pace with the times and the application of e-learning as part of the educational career must him from doing the following:
• switch to use of an allowance to teach article Site via the Internet, if any, while maintaining his style and his own way in the optimal delivery of information used by students.
• organize his appointments and deadlines associated with students through the website user.
• The use of scientific forums concerning the material studied and urged the students to use.
• registration and the addition of observations and direct contact with the person responsible for managing the site in order to enrich the scientific content of the site and correct the mistakes, if any.
• preparation of model lessons using multimedia presentations or programs and add them to the website user.
• encourage students to activate the site through Mcharakathm to show’s special student who uses e-learning from other students.


3-4 general recommendations for the integration of technology education in the schools of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Responding to the technical revolution in the fields of education and transformation of the educational model of direct indoctrination of the teacher to a group of students to self-learning and collaborative learning and participation of students in the formulation of the style of teaching methods for obtaining the information directly and not to wait until granted them another person where the student is the foundation pillar in the educational process, with not to ignore the central role of the teacher played through interactive dialogue inside the classroom management, educational model of router model has changed by the teacher and the school based on the book as the only source of knowledge to model directed by the learner, relying on multiple sources of the information and communication technology The concepts of e-learning is the rudder that guides ships science knowledge about the island including the fertile of a tremendous amount of knowledge and information obtained by the learner and digital technology in ways that easy.
Given the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a model for research in this area, we find that the student and the student alike and through family and school support and in line with modern education policies offered by the Ministry of Education has been preparing them for entry into the digital world in the field of access to knowledge, and through the Internet, but the fact remains that one can not ignore them in Nizbt community and the governor of the Saudi ours in terms of access to the Internet and containerization this network of threads are not consistent with our ethics and the level of religious and moral commitment of the members of the community, and this is what prompted some companies to provide Internet services free of impurities in order to be We dedicated to students and then we recommend the following:
- The application of e-learning in all its forms and manifestations in the schools of the kingdom, similar to the developed countries in this field.
- Benefit from the experiences of others with melted to conform with the determinants of Saudi society.
- Teaching scientific subjects experimentally via the Internet and measure the students and teachers in response to this modern technology.
- The drafting of the curriculum to conform and electronic customs and traditions and the surrounding environment by explaining the scientific and applied models.
- Find suitable alternatives that serve the educational process as sources of reference sources to support learning among students.
- To find a follow-up team versed to activate the use of these reference sites to prevent that be of no avail.

What is the educational community?

Multiple, and through its leading role in the various concepts that bring understanding display, and offers of topics and skills of a variety of changing the concept of educational means where he mocked to teach different concepts and give a variety of skills through student interaction with educational material, which contribute to the mental and sensory and motor of student skills development through e-learning solutions.
Today, the world is entering the third millennium, education has become a different path, where he became information network (Internet) a prominent role in education, it has invested this role to activate this network in education through the educational community, to make a quantum leap in education.

What is the educational community?
The educational community is a scientific forum through the information network (Internet) combines the student teacher and guardian complementary elements of the educational process increase the effectiveness of learning and raise the quality of education outcomes. In most cases, this includes the education community
1. E-mail: educational community is characterized by constant communication and send messages at different times and different messages include attachments.
2. dialogue: the teacher and his students from the neighborhood about various topics in the scientific article they teach this dialogue can and students can actively participate in enriching lessons and inquire directly about some related topics.
3. Community: a fashionable way to search for answers from multiple parties Valmenendaat can be general and specific educational community can be a special part of this community, which is a means of communication is directly to find solutions to educational or educational serve this community.
4. Notebook: The instruction institutions aimed to love planting system in the minds of their students, and through the Notepad can students learn to organize his appointments and duties and look at the dates of the study or during the separation of public and private diaries.
5. Polls: Polls can get through the collective views on the issue raised by the school administration, or a group of users of the site in preparation for making a decision about what specific issue.
6. Page user or own favorites: the student needs to collect some of the lessons and solutions or links or forums related to its decisions of study, as well as the teacher needs to be some links that serve the process of obtaining Enrichment information, as well as the parent may need to follow up his son through private messages from school, and all this is through the work of “favorite” which may contain messages the user, the user’s bookmarks, user’s personal information, settings, user-specific, user-specific Notepad, and other things determined by the educational institution.
Second: electronic curriculum

Electronic curriculum means learning support student can from which to recall his lessons and communicate with the teacher material via the Internet as a guide and prompt for the completion of the educational process properly, and probably the most educational sites methodology put e-book course contain separate from the additional explanation that contains exercises and questions additional scientific experiments and so on, and often, there are elements that must exist in the course material, including the introduction and containing brief summary of the contents of the article and how to address them and the most important practical aspects which, goals for every material educational and behavioral goals address the various issues can be to manage the school to add on these objectives, content which is about the topics the main index in the article in which they can move to the lesson directly, the public notepad which is about Structured dates, such as dates of tests article or review, etc., Notepad own a notepad the student can be accessed through any material or from Home, a forum article for each material a special forum to exchange students with their teachers Related topics article they teach, links to article Each article links help to understand the subject matter, he can count every user to add links and preview links were added from other users, dialogue article is concerned with all material Square for discussion neighborhood between students per article and their teacher can engage a specialist from outside the school to enrich the debate on a specific topic, terms in Arabic, offers a full explanation of the most important words of the material that sees the teacher importance explained, utilities material is divided into two parts:
• Part I: services that can be provided and associated service such as: the student needs to be some tools such as a calculator and a ruler.
• Part II: services needed by the student to complete the study of matter, so it should help the teacher as well, for example, a reference or a specific program or Vgar or Maekeroscob.
Questions Bank Bank offers questions for the student or the teacher detailed list of questions and answers relating to article. Students can also add questions Bojobtha or without them, which can be sent to teachers to help solve them, e-book provides wrote Aldarcyh curriculum Saudi Arabia on the Internet so that the user can browse, and use their parts, the curriculum (using multimedia) developed a curriculum rich contents of information for each item with animation and interactive sound and image, text contribute to the provision of high-end information easily accessible and that reduce individual differences among students.

Matrix-term and relay to material information technology.

His Excellency the Minister of Education has issued a decision to form a committee of specialists at Sultan Qaboos University and the Ministry of Education to develop a curriculum of Information Technology to the stage of basic education material (the first episode for grades (1-4) to perform the following tasks:
* Identify the intellectual underpinnings of the curriculum of Information Technology (foundations and pillars).
* Study of the general objectives in order to derive the procedural goals and analyzed.
* Matrix-term and relay to material information technology.
* Units of Information Technology curriculum put each row of rows (1-4) and one book for each row includes two parts each part semester.
* Achieve vertical and horizontal integration of these units.
* Linking Information Technology curriculum methods of other subjects.
* Propose the foundations for the continuity of the modernization and calendar information technology curriculum.
It seemed the actual application of the academic year 1998/1999 the establishment of 17 schools of basic education (1-4) in the Sultanate, followed by the opening of 25 schools the following year 1999/2000. It was the opening of 58 schools in the year 2000/2001, a leading idea of ​​the ministry is working on gradually applied, and allocated a large budget to make it work, and is available to these schools, the potential necessary for successful educational process in accordance with the goals of development.
Has been set up learning resource centers in every school of basic education schools in the Sultanate have been equipped with the latest educational and technological devices especially computer ones and this is called for by increasing the basic education schools students interact with the technological development that can not be ignored belief of the ministry of the need to foster a generation capable of to deal with the modern techniques are commensurate with the size of the development witnessed by the world.



3. The e-learning in the UK
3.1 Introduction:
One of the main pillars of the general objectives of the policies of education in the UK is taking another-the-art technology in the world, and in order to entrench these lofty goals and in line with the rapid development in the field of information, which has become the most important development tools at the present time technology has been the introduction of the computer as the curriculum in schools public education in the school year 1405/1406 e within secondary education developer program, which was in force at the time in the form of three articles is the Computer Introduction, programming language BASIC, information systems, and in 1411 was stopped work in secondary education developer, were the three curricula convert to study the secondary stage the various divisions, and in 1414 a new section has been added to the secondary stage called the Science and Technology Department has been its own curriculum design, but he has been limited deployment where not only in a limited number of schools because of the cost of operation and requirements apply.
In 1416/1417 AH has been increasing the number of shares of Computer decision to become two servings a week at the secondary level, and calculating the practical side of the material within the core of exams where the computer exam material before it is examined theoretically only over the previous ten years.
Based on the recommendations of the National Family Computer has been modified computer methods that have been applied and modified in 1419/1420 e first secondary and the average grade in 1420/1421 AH has been applied to the second grade secondary.
Thus, we see that the teaching of computer material development of the theory of phase to phase process and applied, which means it will create a generation capable of innovation in the field of computers, and the supervisor what is happening from the development of massive to keep pace with the era of modern of technology noticed how small the world which has become a small village, and this development in Find out what is the computer and how it works and what to think about it to make e-learning a prerequisite in supplying the educational process more modern technology means even became word-term e-learning students, teachers, school administrations and parents as a pillar of the pillars of modern education.
3-2 division of e-learning to e-learning community and curricula:
E-learning can be divided into an electronic community and curricula electronic Below separate this division:
First, the educational community
Computer is one of the basic means of great importance in education as one of the most prominent aids in the classroom, than through its programs and topics