Ability to use computers and take advantage of many applications and elements of different approaches

Her experience has been praised by many, including the head of Microsoft (Bill Gates) when her private visit. The aim of the Australian and Zarhalterpah – by the year 2001 to apply the techniques Education Plan in all schools so that managers and staff and students are able to:
• Ability to use computers and take advantage of many applications and elements of different approaches.
• Permanent qualification and use of technologies in education and in the ordinary life activities, as well as in school programs
• develop their skills in the use of many of the teaching techniques.
While it is possible (91%) of the schools access to the network, the Internet (80%) of schools are using at the moment an internal local area network.
The experiences of the Gulf States:
Put the Arab Gulf states represented by the Ministries of Education plans to merge the technical education, the following review of efforts in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman in this area:
2-5 experience of the United Arab Emirates: adopted and the Ministry of Education and Youth to develop curricula for teaching computer subject high school project has started implementation of this project in 1989/1990 have been included in the beginning first grade secondary and II, and the project has started to prepare a curriculum first grade secondary and piloted by choosing two schools each educational area, one for boys and one for girls, and the following year was circulated experience to include all high schools in the state.
This experience and has been well accepted by students and parents as well as the goals set by the Ministry has resulted in the experiment the following results:
- I was born with the experience and awareness of parents about the importance of computers in modern life.
- Experience encouraged the teachers of other subjects to learn the computer.
- I was born with the school administration desire to use the computer in the areas of school management, making the ministry is moving towards the introduction of the computer in the areas of school administration.
- Experience of other materials made teachers look to use the computer as an intermediary for these educational materials.
Then, in the light of these experiments has been the adoption of computer teaching in middle school book was put to use computer skills within the material life skills for the first two rows and the second secondary.
Targets have been identified and the areas of the use of educational technology in education in the state in the latest educational concepts put forward for employment and educational challenges in the education process light, it reflected in the educational policy of the Userah future plans emanating from the vision of Education until 2020 and in the documents developed curricula, and These objectives are:
1. improvement and development of teaching and learning in the general education curriculum.
2. prepare students to deal efficiently with the information age and that Bacassaphm skills related to self-education and the use of computer and communication networks to gain access to sources of local and international electronic information.
3. My Information Network to develop contact between the ministry and school districts and schools to assist in decision-making positions to quickly access information related to different patterns of students, teachers, and supervisory and management bodies and others.
4. Develop training processes for teachers during the service and giving them the educational competencies required to implement the new and improved curricula, and by establishing training centers in each school district.
5. Calendar development operations by establishing banks questions each of the subjects and the expansion of the use of electronic tests.
2-6 experience of the Sultanate of Oman: The Ministry of Education in the Sultanate within the framework of the development of education to prepare a comprehensive and ambitious plan which seeks to harmonize with the development requirements of the Sultanate, has provided for the application of the basic education system, which consists of the first two phases for Basic Education and duration of 10 years divided into The first two episodes (1-4) and the second episode (5-10), and the second is the secondary stage and two-year term.
The ministry has sought to introduce computers in schools of learning resource centers, basic education to achieve the following objectives:
1. considered basic education stage the main base which will underpin the introduction of computers to schools.
2. Acquistion of students’ skills to deal with the computer.
3. The computer software used to provide multimedia capabilities help to the development of mental student and contain a huge amount of science and knowledge.
4. skill curiosity, research and self-learning and self-reliance in obtaining information from different sources development.

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