Sound system and computer image and meetings

Sound system and computer image and meetings. Look at the issue of the establishment of visits between the classrooms and another that was feasible.
- Contact with each location or student per week if possible, especially at the beginning of the application of the electronic system of study, students who do not participate during the lesson the first record, and contact them individually after the end of the lesson.
- Make students are magazine about the outcome of their ideas about the content of the school quota, as well as about their progress on a personal level, but does provide students and send topics of this magazine from time to time to form the outcome of the data of interest.
- Make sure that the students individually all of them are available to them a great opportunity to interact. At the same time politely and then deliver a firm desire to certain individuals or sites that stop the monopoly of class time to themselves.
- Then by making you think about the tasks written in detail, with reference to additional sources for supplementary information. And then restart those tasks without delay forums or by e-mail if practicable.
* Provide the student needs
The work requires effectively generate a feeling among the students comfortable with the nature of education and distance learning. Where efforts should be made to harness the delivery system to motivate students and suited their needs best, in terms of the content of my favorite forms of learning tools. The following are strategies that help meet the needs of students:
- Help students to get used to and feel comfortable with the technology Plug and prepare them to become able to solve the technical problems that can show them during their access to information or processed. And focus on solving common problems instead of blaming the technical difficulties that may occur from time to time and so we Rschena students’ style of cooperative education.
- Promote awareness and satisfaction among students about the new contacts that will be used during the school quota systems by providing modern and developed means of communication make the student in constant contact with your curriculum educational site.
- To deal sensitively with disparate communications systems and multi-cultural backgrounds. For example, it should be remembered that students may differ in their language abilities, and sense of humor a matter of cultural specificity, so it will not be absorbed in the same way by everyone.
- Understanding and study of the social and cultural background of the students and their experiences of distance education strategies.
- Remember that students need to exercise an active role in the seminar that came remotely by taking the reins of responsibility in regard to their learning independence.
- Sufficient awareness of the needs of students in terms of compatibility with conventional timings for periods of the presence of students in their schools, taking into account the time that is wasted in many cases, the issue of access of information across networks of low quality.

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