Assist in developing some skills

) Assist in developing some skills.
There are a lot of computer skills that Inmiha the learner and foremost of which is the necessary logical skills that enable the learner to predict the sequence Commands computer orders, also the natural development of skills such as writing skill on the board Key Board Keys device.
The computer helps a lot in the skill of solving problems through research in the midst of the development of the problem, and how to do the logical steps to resolve that problem, Valcolmpiotr encourages learners to verify the natural variables that they are interested in, and are determined inferences and hypotheses about Thakqathm.
7) the computer as an educational tool.
The computer because of its multiple possibilities in view of educational material, and clarifications that result from the screen of the device, and miscellaneous fees, whether graphical or non-graphical, means attracting the attention of educational and interesting. There are many situations in some of the natural sciences such as mathematics, history, geography can use the computer to display in a simple and interesting.
8) Other features of the computer in the field of teaching and learning.
In addition to the previous features that play a computer task to perform, there are other benefits to the computer in the field of teaching and learning, including:
** The learning which is linked to information technology in a general way, and computers in particular, and that is in the front ranks of colleges can help:
1 – increase the time devoted to learning.
2 – increase the actual use of that time.
3 – provide learners with tummy tuck to receive the data and understand the information.
4 – provide learners with modern ways to deal with that data.
5 – help learners to study progress and increase achievement.
6 – increases the efficiency of a computer teacher in learning.
** Actual education using a computer has many benefits, including:
1 – Education is using computer models application of learning in psychology.
2 – the computer can acquire the model of the learner to use any skill in the performance of any task.
3 – computer helps the learner to be more effective in learning through learner errors using computer analysis.
** A lot of the benefits that result from learning using the computer as being a model of learning, those benefits are:
1 – attract attention.
2 – the realization of the objectives of the learner’s learning.
3 – immediate review of the skills required.
4 – Production of new information.
5 – the development and guide the learning process more effective manner.
6 – improving the work of the tests.
7 – improving the learner calendar information.
8 – the computer limits the time spent by the teacher in clerical tasks, for example, a correction tests.
9 – computer allows the teacher to control the learning process.
10 – Computer develop positive attitudes between the teacher and the learner.
11 – computer increases the time devoted to learning.
Due to the multiplicity of the benefits of using computers in teaching and learning, and until it is specifically for those benefits, it can be classified into three types of benefits according to their impact on both the learner, the teacher, and the educational institution.

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