PC acts as a teacher

) PC acts as a teacher:
Computers that can effectively act as a teacher, and by providing it with some simple programs, and then the learner training on how to use such programs. In light of this, the computer has the task of explaining the lessons in all courses, and the task of training the learners, and testing, and to show results and save, and edit letters for each student entitled to know the outcome. Any computer that acts as a teacher’s role is almost to be integrated in terms of training and the explanation and clarification of errors, and then assess the learner in terms of its level and its ability to scientific achievement.
2) provide immediate feedback.
Based computer to provide instant feedback for each individual learner, and diagnose weaknesses, and audit-related, and clarification and to facilitate the difficult concepts.
It is intended instant feedback in the field of computer not only strengthen the right response, but also address the special learner and correct errors. As the learning happens when you strengthen the right to respond in real time, this happens, the computer learning effective because it goes beyond mere strengthening of the right response, the learner to diagnose and correct the errors.
3) motivate learners to learn.
The computer because it means a sophisticated explanation, but its potential clear and abilities in the presentation of course material, device has the power to attract the learner to learn, and because of the ease of use of this device is the rapid display of information that focus on different types of knowledge that lies behind that information, it is a catalyst for information for learners to do more experiments, and thus to learn more in terms of quantity and quality.
This is in addition to that it can show that the computer is an incentive for learners to receive various types of knowledge through many ways including:
* The computer reward learners who use it, and the reward in this case moral.
* The computer-related course material in terms of content and structure and logical sequence motive because learners learn seriously and interesting.
* The strong desire of the students – through their determination to programs – to work to solve the problems they face in mathematics.
This shows that the computer has the attention of the educated and interested in the degree of proficiency academic article related to it, also try to apply what has been learned in solving a lot of math problems, this is what was observed when teaching computer rapporteur of passion educated more learning and actual practice on the PC, and try some of them design a variety of programs for various types of different problems.
4) assist in the development of thinking.
The computer instrumental in solving many of the problems facing the learner, and that the information that resulted from the computer always rebuild human thinking technology, which in turn can improve the mental development of the learner, learner through computer technology and the associated information to him able to guess and analyze problems Educational more sophisticated manner. Therefore, the computer encourages individual learning which will only be achieved through the allocation of a computer for each learner individually. Or as much as possible to limit the number of learners on all computers (only two on each machine).
To sum up, the computer is an effective way for individual learning, and that if used properly used, in terms of in-depth study him, and exploit all its potential, and the perception of sound bases to be used in accordance with the environment surrounding it.
5) assist in the development of self-learning.
Of computer self-learning ability development through research and investigation about how to solve the various problems that correspond to the learner using programming, it is evident from the rise in the collection of the learner in a lot of educational material that has been the use of a computer in her study, and educational programs designed for users grow their learning property Self-than those who do not use these programs actually used.

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