enhance the educational process

) System Teacher: tutorial.
This system provides the learner with the theme of the follow-up and review their progress in this topic directly. And when the learner made a mistake, the computer recreates Thread like an effective teacher. The learners who show an understanding, moving their computer through the system to the following topics. Such a system allows the teacher to spend more time with learners who have something to follow lessons problems.
3) dialogue system: Dialog.
This system is a form of sophisticated forms of education, where the dialogue between the learner and the computer, leading to interaction, thus learning the subject.
4) Test system: Testing.
It is a computer and an ideal way to test, and in particular in cases of comparison between right and wrong, and cases of multiple choice, and here plays a computer with the task of reviewing the responses and follow-up the right answers, and then estimate the degree of the student.
2 – computer and enhance the learning process.
The programs reflect the different types of computer use in enhancing the effectiveness of learning in the field of academic schools, where learning programs that are developed in the field of computer is an important work in the promotion of the educational process. I have less interest in talking about theories of teaching and learning in the light of the use of computers in the educational process, for example, there is no example of an applied illustrates how the impact of computers on the improvement of the education process, or strengthened when it is used solely for educational means, but accepted it is that special computerized program design is that enhance the educational process.
This vision of the author in this area in terms of relying on training learners to design some of the diverse programs, and dealing with the computer in the light of those programs, not trained in the use of computer programs through ready preset for the purpose of what to do. This means that the computer should be more than a means of teaching to being an important factor in enhancing the learning process through learner training to design programs in the light of the problems they face.

3 – learn computer and thinking patterns.
The skill of thinking, and go into the midst of solving problems, especially complex ones, fun is essential that education aims to achieve at different stages. For the computer to do the bulk of that task, it is the most important uses of computers in education is learning patterns of thinking, so that the computer helps his students on the development of new patterns of thinking can be cooperation in various educational situations in terms of overcoming the difficulties they face in it.
The feasibility of using computers in education.
Interested in the development of education leads an active role in the search for diverse and developed the means to help them achieve their goals, including how to reach the best possible learning. One of those means, the computer and its associated learning. Valcolmpiotr provides – for the first time – a two-way learning environment, in the sense that when the learner responds to the computer, the computer does this learner response, and then gives specific information related to its response to the learner.
In other words, in general, that the first steps of computer use in the educational process, are recognizing the importance of the work of a computer, because it can simplify the more complex material, and makes them soft series can be accommodated. The computers have become more important in all areas of the school curriculum, and in all educational materials. As a result of the increased technology and development, and increase the complexity of some subjects, the need for such devices has become an urgent necessity, and if they were applied study computer on educational levels with the learner’s knowledge of its contents and how to use it is becoming of great importance in the educational process, and effective model of learning, and solving various problems.
And lead the computer three main roles in the schools:
- The development of education.
- Some of the most effective teaching courses such as mathematics, and science.
- Taught as a basic material in the course material, and in this regard, considering the learner’s PC through a certain decision, for example, Kalprmjh.

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