computer technology in teaching and learning.

1 – I am taking computer technology in teaching and learning.
It is worth mentioning that the process of using computers in teaching and learning, is not a random process, but rather is based on several reasons:
- Dissatisfaction with the traditional system of education.
There are a lot of signs and indications of dissatisfaction with the traditional system of education, including:
* High illiteracy rate in Egypt in spite of all attempts for reform. The only way to eliminate this phenomenon, this stop a stream of illiterate, and this can only be achieved by searching for new methods of education, and the introduction of the methods of technology.
* Weakness curriculum offered in public education, as there are a lot of subjects that progress in the traditional approach Having said significance however was still studying for now, while there are topics introduced as a study issues related to a computer, and which are necessary in contemporary societies, however, it did not care about the current curriculum .
* Teaching methods used in the most diverse stages of Education overcome capacity theory, based on indoctrination on the part of the teacher and conservation by the pupil, and accordingly, the evaluation methods for the most part conservation measure without understanding. And it ends with the graduation of the quality of learners quickly forget what you saved, especially after the performance of the examinations.
- Dissatisfaction with business owners about the level of graduates in many disciplines, and due to the mismatch between learning programs and the requirements of the various business community.
- Feeling bored students, and the lack of motivation they have to learn because of the drought learning, and not taken into account the needs of the students. In spite of the existence of individual differences among learners, learning programs offered deal these educated single transaction regardless of different interests.
- The increase in demand for education at all levels, resulting in increased numbers of learners in teaching significantly increased halls.
- The use of scientifically unqualified teachers to meet the shortfall in teachers resulting from the high increase in the number of learners.
- The use of non-qualified teachers in the educational process educationally, these graduates from other faculties such as science, agriculture, trade ……… etc.
- The erosion potential in terms of classes and classrooms, teaching aids required, and laboratory equipment.
- Increasing human knowledge in the current era significantly increase the degree to which so-called knowledge explosion.
And other reasons why the gap between the demand for education, resources and facilities widening.
And to narrow the gap between the demand for education, the potential and the resources available, it is necessary to use means to increase supply, the most important of those means of a computer.
These indicators also show that the traditional method of education has become undesirable. Therefore there is a need to take into account technological contemporary style in student learning, and its up to the level of mastery of this education, and this will not come about in the absence of technology in general and computers in particular. So we shall provide the educational process through computerized curriculum, also training the learner to programming in a language of programming.
Provider computerized Computer Learning-Assisted Learning (CAL) affects an effective impact on the educational process, and should be introduced since it can learners to get high marks, and through it the economy can be in the provision for study time, and has been evaluating positive attitudes among students towards the courses that are taught them through it, along with the positive trends that can be made up to the students about the computer itself.
Those reasons and motives that led to the use of computers in education, and many others, sounded

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