The importance of education technology

The importance of education technology
Some error may have thought that the importance of education technology is the importance of teaching aids, but there is a difference between them as teaching aids are part of the educational technology, and thus The importance of educational technology is broader and broader, and we offer here the importance of education technology in three main areas:
First: the importance of education technology in the educational process:
The role of the means of education technology in the educational process in the following aspects:
1. perception: the illustrations and shapes play an important role in clarifying the written words of the learner, and almost guaranteed to be connected to him.
2. Understanding: helping means the learner educational technology to distinguish between things and discrimination, such as discrimination colors.
3. Skills: the means of educational technology in the importance of children learning specific skills or learn the correct Kalntq certain sports such as swimming skills through animated movies slow. As well as the use of images of the child gain the skill of drawing and use of color.
4. Thinking: educational methods play a big role in a child’s training on systematic thinking and solving problems faced.
5. diversify experiences: can through the use of teaching aids diversification of expertise provided to the pupil in the classroom Viih him the opportunity to watch and listen, and then practice meditation. Thus, common to all the senses of the student in the learning processes leading to the consolidation and deepening of this learning.
6-increase vocabulary: There is no doubt that the teaching aids increase the vocabulary of children and pupils including hear him or watch it from the stands contain new words may be meaningful to them.
7-building sound concepts: diversity can through educational means to get the student to correct generalizations and concepts. For example, a student may think that the word leg looked at every part of the plant above the Earth’s surface. But by displaying multiple models and many images of the legs. The student realizes that there is a leg to ground and air climber and mutated.
8. ability to taste Development: by displaying movies and photos can accustom children from a young age to savor the beauty of nature and the arts.
9. shortcut time Education: By using some teaching aids shorten the time for teaching and learning, where the teacher was able to display a lot of information in a relatively short time.
10. teaching aids help to diversify the teaching methods to meet the individual differences among students.
11. make the learner learn what the rest of impact.
12. increase the tendency for the student to learn and improve the educational process as a whole.
Second, the role of educational technology in the face of contemporary educational problems:
Now the world is undergoing major changes, both in the political arena, geographical, economic, industrial, which in turn impacted on education to cope with the problems of renewable and concepts born of these variables, which include:
1. knowledge explosion:
Testifies era who now lives in which an increase in knowledge creation unprecedented rates, this enormous rate in the increase of knowledge the size of the increase, inflation and perhaps more quickly than we have lived by n appear in it every day inventions and research and new discoveries in various fields of knowledge.
And it can look to the explosion of knowledge of angles, are:
A- exponential growth of knowledge and increasing the volume of information.
(B) the introduction of new definitions and classifications of knowledge.
(C) the emergence of new technological areas, Kaltlevzion and video devices and modern machines that began to be used in the educational process.
D doubled efforts of scientific research, and increase the demand for scientific research, which in turn has led to increased knowledge of the volume.

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