world’s population has grown rapidly

Where the world’s population has grown rapidly, and this increase is reflected in turn on education where increased classroom and pupils the stands and led to:
A – the use of modern facilities such as CCTV.
(B) the role of the teacher cued change of material to create areas of expertise to the student and guide the learning processes and the preparation of the means leading to it.
(C) invent new systems that achieve greater interaction and learning by using the devices.
Therefore it must resort to the use of technological means to secure the programmed learning opportunities and made available to the largest possible number of countries and each place to overcome this problem.
3. increase the quality of the teacher:
The modern teacher who rises to the level of contemporary selections, among which the face of technological development and the media, and congestion lecture halls and classrooms, and the evolution of the philosophy of education and define the role of the teacher and the student in the educational process.

It must be seen to the teacher in the educational process as a guide for learners prompt and not worrying and Purse them, it is the designer of the system of teaching in the classroom, from setting goals, organization and select the most appropriate media to achieve these goals, and to develop teaching strategy can be used in the range of possibilities available to him within the environment school. So it was necessary to provide and exploit all the means of education and technology to achieve this goal.
Third: the role of education technology in addressing the problems of education:
1. low efficiency in the educational process:
As a result of overcrowded classrooms and the introduction of double shifts or three periods in the school day each.
So it becomes an attempt to raise the level of education and improve student performance with this congestion and the multiplicity of approaches that should be studied by the student very difficult.
For this we must use technological means programmed for education in the educational process to raise the motives and tendencies among students, and taking into account the element of attraction and thrill they have, and configure the proper skills and the development of training on the types of sound thinking.
2. The problem of illiteracy:
Perhaps this issue, especially the Arab countries and third world countries they are an obstacle to the development of all agricultural, industrial and social fields.
To solve the problem of the large numbers that did not get adequate education, countries are trying hard about literacy these numbers, they form evening classes, abound from the establishment of primary schools, but the increase in population over the expansion of educational services.
So become a necessity requires the introduction of modern means of education and technology in education on a larger scale, such as the use of satellite.
3. The lack of faculty members:
The spread of education in the Arab country at all levels of public education, whether or Alphenn or university need a lot of teachers with special competencies in all areas who can not provide them necessary to meet the needs of colleges and universities and research institutes that number is growing every day numbers. At the same time the Arab educational institutions working to attract Arab expertise from outside the Arab world, the sharp calls for greater use of these energies on a larger scale through educational television or the use of satellites.
Choose teaching aids
Some may think that choosing educational tool is a big problem for them, while others considered that the choice is not a problem and that the teacher can choose what he wants from teaching aids without considering any particular considerations. In fact, the choice of educational means is in the process of organizing the curriculum as it is an element of the education system elements.

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