suitable means of educational objectives

The foundations of choice:
1. suitable means of educational objectives:
Means must agree with the goal that we seek to achieve through them, such as providing information to the student or to acquire some skills or modify trends. So it requires a careful analysis of the objectives, which is determined on the basis of the educational process sequence and then selecting the teaching method based on the goals and then choose teaching aids.
2. The appropriateness of the means of the characteristics of learners:
And we mean the suitability of the means of the characteristics of the student, and include aspects of physical, emotional and cognitive. For the means that are related in content and activities of the imagination of students and their previous experience, and that fit their mental abilities and cognitive. This is the foundation of great importance, because without the availability of this method does not check the interest of the desired use.
3. Believe information:
Should the information we provide the means honest and conform to reality to be, to be given the means comprehensive picture of the subject must therefore ensure that the information provided by means of not old, incomplete or distorted. If it turns out the teacher before using it means it is incomplete, he must be looking for new ones if found, or address this shortfall or error or misrepresentation by adding new information and examples of the use of teacher Social materials to the population distribution maps of the ancient world. We find provides incomplete information as a result of many peoples for independence and the absence of this data in many of the old maps in school.
4. appropriate content:
The process of identifying and describing the lesson content much easier to choose the appropriate means to this content. Some of the topics you need to display a movie while others may fit with educational panels or footage slides. Thus, the precise elements of the lesson it easier in the process of selecting educational means.

5. To be economic:
Should be chosen educational means on the basis of economic sense that they are the means low-cost, educational and return them fits cost. And separates the use of local raw materials available in the preparation of teaching aids.
6. possibility of using the method several times:
It must be characterized by the means chosen to use the possibility of acres of once, but many times that where the educational situation may require or that they can be used in the review of quotas or repeated use in several halls throughout the school week.
7. durability in creation:
It must be selected method of manufacture where solid easily transported from one place to another, or from the lab to the classroom.
8. Technical Characteristic:
When choosing a teacher for educational means must ask himself several questions:
- Are you convincing technically?
- Is it interesting and attractive?
- Is technically superiority in practice?
9. determine the devices available:
Before determining the means that are used in the lesson name likes the work of inventory of devices teaching in school or in educational administration and that work efficiently: for example, if the desired display Film segments must make sure that your slide show Slid Projector is present and functioning efficiently and all its parts intact and works like the electric lamp , slides and defended.

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