Types of educational fees

Types of educational fees:
Educational fees were classified on the basis of the movement to:
1 – Animated educational fees, Koflam educational cartoons.
2 – Educational fixed fees, we are here in this decision going to talk about this kind. Fees fixed as well as educational been classified on the basis of the permeability to light: -
A / educational transparent fixed fee.
B / educational fees fixed opaque.
Both types (ie tuition fixed transparent and opaque) encompassing the five types can be identified in the following: -
First / graphs: include:
1 – the bar.
2 – lines graphic.
3 – graphic images.
4 – graphic circles.
5 – graphic spaces.
Each type of previous types, types fall under it and we are not here inventory of species branching from them.
Second / illustrations:
It is intended that the fees that may exist on the surfaces of plastic or metal or paper and are intended to illustrate the installation of the thing or how it works or describe the mode of operation such as fees illustrations that show us how to connect the circuit.
Third / posters:
The theme of the posters is not limited only in the educational field has been found in many areas, there are, for example, in hospitals, clinics and businesses such as utility companies, and that its use in the field of education is not necessarily linked to the school decisions being considered by the student, and the label of education are two types understand either that calls for a particular topic posters that urge to follow the specific behavior of the system such as conservation or hygiene, or to warn of a particular topic posters that warn and alert for drug damage.
Fourthly / photographers:
As well as educational photographer is not necessarily confined to educational areas, if the educational photographer may include fees, data or numbers or verbal comments or tables, if the educational photographer featuring different types, and types include:
1 – photographer virtual or external form, as a photographer shows the exterior full growth of the plant.
2 – photographer internal structure, Kalmsour which shows the internal structure of the plant stalk, for example.
These two types what are called common for photographers in the use of educational fields.
3 – photographer comparison, a photographer compares between two or more in some properties or attributes, these two things may be alive or otherwise Kalmsour which compares the beaks of birds or different soil types.
4 – photographer functional relationships, and this type of photographers trying to clarify the relationship between the President and subordinates which is called the organizational structure for specific body has this kind comes in the form of geometric cone form, or by using cross-cutting lines and details that explain this relationship.
5 – photographer branches or branching, and the photographer starts and ends from the original tree branches prophets.
6 – photographer assets or synthesis, and this photographer reverse former photographer branches begins and ends with the asset as a photographer, for example, it illustrates the steps the car industry
7 – photographers track, which used lines and arrows to illustrate the process of completing a certain path as an indication, for example, the path of oil extraction.
8 – photographer sequential or time, which shows the sequence of certain events throughout history in a specific order, whether descending or ascending arrangement of the Abbasid caliphs

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