How to produce panel pockets cards

And the rib along until it reaches the end of the rib and the extent of allowing the composition of pocket on this side and then moving to the vertical parallel to the other side and apply the layer in the first leg to be the beginning of where he started in the first leg, and then doing a connecting lines between points that he placing them on paper Albstoel, and then the process of bending when only pockets Format is observed that each pocket bottom two lines we call the bottom and the top we call the summit and in the bending process by doing a heart previous names making the former bottom summit and that slide towards the previous summit, noting that the previous summit Do not move and will become the future bottom of the pocket, and perhaps the teacher that uses a long ruler have a sharp edge to help him in the crease operations, after the teacher ends of the bending process will notice that Albstoel paper has become similar to the stairs, and now he has to installs those tucks using stressful pins, but he has to prove every pocket on alone there installs the folds of the party at once and then going to install the other side because it might lead to the emergence of some Alteixrat on the plate, and he has to prove every pocket separately, then installs Albstoel paper on existing painting using stressful Pins and the like and then doing a framework for the plate, and two holes in the top.
How to produce panel pockets cards:
Panel pockets cards are not governed by supply and display depends on the nature of the content that will give a him or on the nature of painting itself is displayed, but they are governed by a specific height, in the previous numbers at the plate production we conclude that the pocket depth of 4 cm and a height between each pocket and another 12 cm so the teacher that The cut cards have a height of not more than 16 cm or, rather, no more than 15 cm for those overlapping cards with each other in various painting pockets, and the teacher that is available has some pens cardboard and paper, which will become the card and when production and after shearing process taking consideration the specific elevation The teacher card by dividing the stomach into two parts, the lower part of which measured 4 cm does not contain any content or the upper part it is that the card will contain a substance that the teacher and it establishes a framework for that part of the card.
Note 1
There are many differences between hairy painting cards panel pockets, including: -
1 – Panel pockets cards are governed by altitude and is governed by supply, hairy cards painting is governed by the height and width.
2 – set in the background of the painting hairy cards Emery rough, and this is not true on the plate pockets cards.
3 – is writing and restraint on all card space hairy painting, while at the plate pockets cards there is a specific space to write the scenes, the part of students and non-Almdgham in the pocket.
4 – hairy painting cards come in many forms, while panel pockets are bound to come in a box or a rectangle cards.
Note 2
Always painting hairy or fixed plate pockets, and cards are variable, because the change depending on what content of the content, like that of any device, substance The device is always fixed as a video and article are variable as a bar video.
Third: educational fees
Educational fees as a kind of teaching aids
Tuition is one of the types of teaching aids, the most commonly used for easy access to and availability around us and ease of handling and preparation.
Tuition definition:
They are those drawn materials and visual symbols of sin, which was designed in order to summarize, interpret and express them in a scientific manner and which are used as a means of serving educational teaching and learning process, especially those topics that are difficult to understand verbal language only, as subjects of science and geography.
Talking about the tuition is almost impossible to explain it if you do not specify what Nstan covered by those words of the types of educational Vlersom many types and categories as well as her many and we can restrict the types of educational fees are as follows: -

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