Hairy painting in its final form

Hairy painting from within the paintings used by the teacher to view some of the cards that carry the content of educational material that lead to assist him in achieving educational objectives that are sought.
Hairy painting: Definition
Is a board level, sufficient space, installed cloth and Berri manner appropriate to the purpose of the painting career.
The main idea of ​​the painting hairy:
Objects with a pile or (Fluff) Taatlasq while cohesion.
Hairy painting in its final form:
A panel covered with cloth and Berri taut and installed on the motherboard in an appropriate manner, the painting framed and left hook at the top of the painting. Preferably it is installed on the cloth lanugo painting a quiet color such as color gray or light blue or light green.
How to produce the painting:
It is necessary to provide a panel of plywood or cork or cardboard compact, adequate space, must be cloth and Berri provides, and the teacher that the strain and install this cloth on the plate and framed a special frame, for example, the use of broad adhesive as a framework for the plate and put two holes in the top to install Cirrus through which .
How to produce hairy painting cards:
It is necessary to provide a cardboard sealants and abrasives rough and pens to write, and the teacher that the codification of the content on the cards that the crop them through the cardboard and install small pieces of sandpaper rough behind the stomach card but on the teacher to take into account the following criteria: -
1 – does not use color and intensify as it may lead to curvature of the card.
2 – teacher specifically for the card does not adhere to as it does not adhere to a specific height or width of the card and that it depends on the nature of the content on the card also depends on the width and height of the painting itself.
3 – The teacher behind the distribution of coarse sandpaper cards a certain system, and he has to make sure that the installation of coarse sandpaper does not affect the curvature of the card.
4 – on the teacher to keep the colors used contrast with the card. And clarity of the students.
5 – the teacher that establishes a framework for each card has produced.
Fifth: Panel pockets
The teacher may resort to the use of plate pockets to achieve some of its goals of teaching, and the painting pockets possible definition:
Definition panel pockets:
A flat panel There is sufficient space on the surface folds extends horizontally display panel, this folds are pockets depth of these pockets may be a 3 cm vertical between each pocket and another about 15 cm and height. These enclaves are used for the introduction of the lower edge of the card.
Panel pockets in final form:
A panel of cardboard or plywood or cork, mounted with a plate of Albstoel (colored paper less thickness of cardboard) flexed a horizontal pockets, surrounded by a frame, there is a hook at the top of the painting, favored to be panel pockets colored soft colors Kalrmada, light blue, green Conqueror.
How to produce panel pockets:
It is necessary to provide the board (for example, compressed carton or Flynn), and a dish Albstoel his quiet color, pencil, ruler, then the teacher divided the paper Albstoel to customary division of the environment in which he deals with, for example, if the pocket depth of 4 cm vertical distance between Each pocket and another 12 cm by doing the following division, starts from the bottom and one of the paper Albstoel Dilaah Alrosien is developing the punctuation at the required measurement begins measuring 12 cm and then puts the mark 4 cm and put the sign and so on

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