accessibility in different forms and relatively cheaply

This type also needs to be a special type Balchweviac, there are special computer transparencies, but that there is a specific printer transparencies used with the device. It is characterized by the existence of two surfaces, one rough and the other smooth (smooth) and be printing on the coarse.
How produce educational transparency CNC?
The teacher uses the word Word program or any other program of computer programs, but when he wants to come out the contents of the screen on the printer paper to put it instead of paper transparencies computer only, and the teacher should be keen to be printing on the coarse side of transparency.

Second, blackboards or paintings
Before talking about the subject of blackboards and paintings must differentiate between verbal (blackboard – painting):
The blackboard term is used in everything he writes Ksborh chalk. The painting is the term given to all surface attached it as pallets pockets Teacher suspend the cards on the board. While there, we can call it a blackboard surfaces at the same time panel Ksborh chalk it is possible that we call the panel because the teacher has been suspended, for example, a geographical map.
• types of paintings and blackboards:
First: the blackboard (panel) Chalk
It is a space with an appropriate level of slab, used to clarify some facts, ideas and view the lesson and are also used to accompany many of the educational methods and the involvement of the students.
The importance of blackboard chalk:
1 – accessibility in different forms and relatively cheaply.
2 – used to display a lot of teaching aids such as maps, posters, paintings, etc .. Wu.
3 – take advantage of all the subjects in various stages of study.
• characteristics:
1 – a flexible tool have no limits for the various study materials and levels of education and qualities.
2 – presentation of the material can be a large number of students at one time.
3 – used by the teacher in the provision of paragraphs gradually studied in a timely manner.
4 – do not need to pre-processing or preparation.
5 – easy to erase them and prove what other according to the requirement of the educational situation.
6 – attract the attention of the learner and help him to remember the lesson elements.
7 – economic bear for a long time without damage.
8 – Students involved with the teacher to use.
Second: painting magnetism
It is the center of the display cards or images, and the installation is the magnetic way.
Third: News panel (bulletin board) (Display Panel)
It uses this kind of display images in paintings, drawings and some real models and samples that illustrate a particular topic and contain well as illustrated from verbal comments. It is more common in schools and offices paintings is a bulletin board where it can be provided at low cost as well as a multi-purpose which they are used in various fields and stop the utilization of these paintings over the involvement of students in their preparation and their response with the subject and the message they provide, often assisted by teacher paintings that cover the walls of separation in view some samples or models or other exhibits outstanding.
Fourth: painting hairy

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