the teacher should keep away from the traditional assessment

Use them as a means to learn not only to use it simply as a way to clarify or teaching In the second case, the student’s position, including a negative mission that receives the information that we offer him a position, while in the first case a student has a positive role planned with the teacher to achieve where the objective is clear in the mind of the teacher and students alike and follows the teacher a lot of methods that help to further the interaction between student and teaching materials and examples of these techniques that the student sees the film to answer no questions or seen perform a test to answer some of the problems or the unzip one of the models to recognize the location of each part of the model and its relationship to other parts.
(3) the evaluation phase:
Often ending task of teaching aids when the teacher Once you have used students Vinasrv immediately after the screening or testing or viewing maps or watch a TV program etc …………… This is a commonly used means of truncated education does not lead the purpose of use. In order to achieve educational means the objectives set by the teacher to be used must be followed by a period of evaluation in order to make sure the teacher that the goals set which has been completed and that the desired learning has been achieved and the means used by commensurate with these objectives, if ever film inventory of some of the questions or raise some problems, it is incumbent The teacher answer these questions and come up with appropriate solutions to these problems can be verbally is done by discussion or in writing, so that the teacher promotion of the correct answer at the same time the teacher assessment method used by all respects in terms of relevance in terms of material and the view of the level of The aim of the students use them and retain this assessment in his records when he returns to use these times to know when and how to use them to achieve better learning. We affirm the foregoing that the teacher should keep away from the traditional assessment methods students were asked their opinion as they have seen? And turning to the specific substantive questions even recognize exactly what the student has achieved and what his death achieved in order to be better able to identify weaknesses and ways to remedy them.
(4) follow-up phase:
Supposed to gain experience leads to the desire to increase the development of this experience and gain new experiences should be the teacher works through the use of educational means to achieve it. There is no doubt that watching the movie or an experiment or take a trip or listen to a recorded tape will answer some of the questions raised by the subject matter, which raises at the same time many questions related to such questions as students in varying degrees different in the utilization of these teaching aids and so must the teacher that the creation of areas of expertise to complete and the continuation of the learning process and that is followed by the use of teaching aids a lot of discussion and dialogue to answer what questions raised and to clarify new concepts and linked to previous experiences through the similarities and differences among them a statement. May need to be re-screening of the film or the experience or make new experiences or study some samples, models or do to supplement search by reading and learn new or go trips to the library and baptizing some teachers to chapter is divided into groups or committees to each one of these previous works. Some of going to the library and some of them doing a fair or panel on the subject of the study and some of them cost to look for another movie and presented to the chapter and go off each group to complete its work under the guidance and supervision of the teacher and after the end of its Chapter meets fully to listen and watch and discuss what was done by all This group and linking together different knowledge leading to enrich the student experience on the subject of the study and his knowledge of all aspects of the subject and form an integrated concepts around it.


Devices teaching aids

A optical display devices:

1. optical blackboard (the monitor above the head OVER HEAD PROJECTOR

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