Old educational gave man himself and his recent time

Teaching aids
Old educational gave man himself and his recent time God has hit people parables to show them the ways of good and evil ways and close them’s concrete examples from their lives that the Koran is replete with examples that bring distant meanings to the minds of receiving images of felt watched or touched the receiver to listen to the Koran, he says (God is light, the heavens and the earth, such as light Km_kah the lamp in the bottle like a dry planet kindles from a blessed olive tree does not Eastern nor Western almost its oil shines though no fire Thompssh Noor Noor Allah guides whom He will and God strikes parables for people and God’s knowledge of all things ) Surat Al-Nur verse 35. The remembrance of Allah Almighty the story of Abel and Cain, and how God sent Him grappa kills grappa another and bury him to teach Abel how to hide the shame of his brother this way process, as well as the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him came explaining to the nation about their religion, using parables and images perceived and eloquent stories and practical lessons, he said, peace be upon him: (insured for the insured Kalpnian pull together) and then clasped between his fingers. And people in all their lives using Legends to bring ideas and concepts and to clarify what they want to deliver it to their listeners, and human developed certain ways to connect his ideas ranging from human stone drawings on caves and down to the use of modern technology, which on top of the computer and multiple applications and devices, audio-visual and audio-visual samples and exhibitions and laboratory experiments, field visits and paintings of various kinds, blackboards and other Legends. If the means of educational existed since ancient times but the man was used without programming and was born of the moment and the situation, then evolved the evolution of man himself and there was a need for the means of education in the field of education since the beginnings of education as realized educators need the teacher and the learner’s educational aids to the success of the learning and teaching process, we might wonder some teachers newly taught about the feasibility of teaching aids, and usefulness of the educational process, as long as that man is able to deliver information through absolute verbal as he is not in need of educational means by which the cost of time and effort and money, and the answer to this is that the verbal and a lot of them may not succeed in the transfer of information image he wants the sender, but this may be verbal misleading meaning and on top of that the teaching aids, whether audio or visual or audio-visual at the same time able to transfer the information or experience more clearly and accurately, more attractive and interesting to the learner than be claimed for stability and firmness This information or expertise, as well as the lesson that leads without an educational way depends on the sense of one as opposed to the lesson performed using educational means we will have shared with us the more sense in accordance with one of the psychology view laws: [forgot something participated in the study Hactan more] then The lesson the means learning takes time and effort is much less than the lesson that is devoid of teaching aids Let us take for example, if we compare the teachers lead the lesson himself and assume that all rock types The teacher first explain the lesson explanation verbally abstract dependent on its ability verbal only and the teacher the other took with him a small sampling hired out of the creek when it was introduced for the lesson whichever takes less time in the implementation of the lesson? Whichever is less, and make an effort? In either case the experience will more accurately and more clearly? And students of any of them will be more accommodating and more popular and responsive? But the most important question in any information the two positions will be more stable and longer established.

And hair word

Poet: Teacher Salem Hassan al-Jabri / Hope Institute for the Deaf in Makkah

Education Technology
Passed through educational means multiple stages of definition yet arrived at this stage to what became known as the (learning techniques) and this development is not in word, but also is the evolution of the concept also function as the term of teaching aids is limited mostly to material things only while the term Education technology goes beyond that to the concepts and ideas in organizations and scientific educational benefit from the achievements of the modern era in a scientific way of thinking and taking into account the implementation of educational, ethical and psychological aspects of the framework.
Educational means in terms of definition and concept:

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