materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information

First there is the note I like to refer to it, namely that it is worth the teacher to distinguish between educational materials and educational devices.
The materials include educational Film, cylinders, maps, photos, models, and other materials.
The educational devices are: hardware or special run movies and cylinder machines, so when we say teaching aids we mean materials and devices together but when we say education techniques, this goes beyond just merely materials and equipment to organizations and concepts, methods and activities in scientific structured framework.
Educational method definitions knew many definitions Among those definitions are:
Component of the overall educational system elements seek to achieve specific educational goals.
Materials and equipment and educational positions used by the teacher in the field of education and communication system in a manner particular to clarify the interpretation of a vague idea or concept or explain one of the topics in order to achieve the objectives of the specific student behavior.
Tools and methods that are used in different educational situations which never rely solely on understanding the words, symbols and numbers.
Range of expertise, materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information to the mind of the student, whether in the classroom, or outside in order to improve the educational situation, which is the student’s basic point.
Each tool or material used by the teacher in order to achieve the educational process appropriate atmosphere helps to access Ptlamivh to correct science and knowledge they in turn benefit from them in the learning process and gain experience.
Educators may be included in the designation was teaching aids have multiple names, including:
Legends, visual aids, hearing aids, aids, teaching aids, and the latest naming her education or learning techniques technology.
Education and techniques means the application of science knowledge in scientific purposes in an orderly fashion 0
We conclude from this comprehensive definition of educational aids (teaching techniques) it:
All methods and tools and hardware and regulations used in the education system in order to achieve specific educational goals 0
Classification of teaching aids (teaching techniques)
Try specialists over a long classified as educational tools periods, and has already resulted in us in the field many of the classifications and was the most important rating (Adjardel) is one of the most classifications importance is the most important common so as to accuracy taxonomic basis for the world Adjardel and this category called many of Titles Sometimes It called (cone experience) and sometimes called (the pyramid of experience) and from there called rating (Dell) for the means of educational and some of them called rating (Adjardel) for educational means. When we examine the classification of Adjardel educational means we find put direct experience in the base of the pyramid and which I consider the best types of educational methods because the student which deals with real expertise, which will benefit some experience in all senses and which will act real experience the natural by its own conduct, and we find the contrast in the top of the pyramid verbal symbols that only affect the sense of hearing only (Whenever we went to Zada ​​base Cone degree sensual, and as we head to the increased degree of abstraction top of the pyramid) and this only applies to the cone experience.
Watching the cone’s Experience (Edgar Dale) notes three types of education:
The first type is the so-called education through various practices and activities which include the cone (direct experiences aimed – amended experiences – experiences actress or the so-called Palmmsarhh).
Type II: the so-called education through the observations and views which include the Cone (clarification process – Field visits – exhibitions – educational television and animated films – still images – audio) recordings.
Type III: the so-called education through mental abstractions and analysis which includes the cone (visual symbols – verbal symbols).
But the question that arises (Why does not always provide the direct experience?)
Because there are some difficulties that might hinder the teacher in choosing a particular educational means, and between those difficulties as follows: -
1 – provide direct experience difficulty at all times.
2 – the seriousness of direct experience.
3 – direct experience quite expensive.

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