the difficulty of keeping direct experience

4 – a rare direct experience.
5 – direct experience may take a long time.
6 – direct experience random system within the classroom may occur.
7 – the difficulty of keeping direct experience.
So the teacher resorted less than direct experience levels to rectify these difficulties, but always effective participation between different types of methods are most effective and most efficient
The importance of teaching aids (teaching techniques)
It is no longer the adoption of any education system on educational means a form of luxury, but has become a necessity to ensure the success of these systems and embedded in the structure of its system 0
Although the beginning of the reliance on teaching aids in the teaching and learning processes have old historical roots, it was soon evolved Mtlahaka great lately with the advent of modern educational systems 0
Teaching aids has passed a long phase during which evolved from one stage to another until it reached the highest stage that we are witnessing today in light of the theory of association with modern communication Communication Theory and its dependence on the entrance Systems Approach systems
The importance of teaching aids:
Occupy teaching aids a prominent place among the educational input to the multiplicity of benefits and are of paramount importance to the teachers, planners, educators because of their importance in that it leads to stimulate student interest and satisfy his need to learn then surely that the various educational means Krahlat, models and films educational and photographers offers a variety of experiences takes them every student achieves objectives and interests him a student who goes out on a trip to the seaside may find it in play and Tourism enough to satisfy his needs, while at the same cares Last collect shells and snails and raise a lot of questions around. The higher the educational experiences through which the learner closer to realism has become a concrete meaning and relevance to the objectives and can also be through the use of teaching aids diversify experiences that readies school and practice meditation and reflection becomes a school that field for the growth of the student in all directions and is working to enrich the areas of expertise that passes by Thus, common to all the senses of the student in the learning processes leading to the consolidation and deepening of this learning and help teaching aids the formation of useful interconnected relationships established between what students learn and that’s when share senses in the formation of the new experience and linked to previous experiences and see that the teaching aids if the best teacher use and target identification and clarification of them in the mind of the student leads to an increase in the positive participation of the student to gain experience and develop his ability to meditate and accuracy of observation and follow the scientific thinking this method leads to improving the quality of learning and raise the level of performance when the student. As we can see that the educational means through which to diversify teaching methods to meet the individual differences among students, it is known that students differ in their abilities and aptitudes. Some of them achieves a high level of achievement when listening to explain the theoretical to the teacher and to provide a few examples and some of them increasingly learned about the way visual experiences such as watching movies or slides.
The role of teaching aids in improving the teaching and learning process:
Educational Media can play an important role in the educational system. Although this role is more pronounced in the communities where it was this flag, as evidenced by the conceptual development of the field on the one hand, many of the technical education in the education and training programs and contributions as referred to in the literature of the field, but that this role in Arab societies generally do not exceed usage Some traditional means – if any – without a direct impact on the learning process and the lack of regular use of the method, which emphasizes attic contemporary concept of technology education 0
The role played by educational means to improve the teaching and learning process:
First: the enrichment of Education:
Studies and research made it clear (since audio-visual education movement) and through the following contracts that educational methods play an essential role in enriching education through the addition of dimensions and special effects and distinct programs. This role of the means of education reaffirms the research results about the importance of teaching aids in the expansion of the experiences of the learner and to facilitate the construction of concepts and overcome geographical and natural border There is no doubt that this role is doubled because of the rapid technological developments that have made around the school environment is a challenge to the teaching methods and school learning what abounds by this environment from a variety of means of communication messages presented an exciting and bright and attractive ways.
Second: Economic Education:

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