stages of the use of educational means

When the calendar on the teacher to leave a space in the paper Calendar stating the means and type of sources and address and the time it took and what it contained a summary of educational material and opinion on the suitability of the students and the curriculum and achieve the goals … etc 0
8. Follow-up means 00
And follow-up activity include colors that can be exercised by the student after the use of the means of the events of more interaction between students
Stages of the use of educational means
(1) the preparation phase
It needs to set up a lot of things all affect the results that we get and the goals that we seek to achieve.
(A) Preparation method: it is essential that the teacher recognizes the means by which chose them to recognize the contents, characteristics and shortcomings, as does its experience and action plan to be used should be watched the movie before it is displayed or listen to a pre-sound recordings or performs tests before being presented to students or examine the existing maps and know the relevance of the subject matter and objectives.
(B) draw up a plan of action: after that the teacher recognizes the contents of the vehicle and the relevance of the objectives of the lesson puts the same vision in principle on how to make use of them who shall limit the questions and problems or new words that help the means to answer them then plans to how to provide the types of educational activities practiced by the student.
(C) create the minds of students: so that the teacher about the way the debate up and dialogue to give a picture of the subject of the means used and their relevance to previous experiences to students and their importance to the students clearly aware of the purpose of using the means and what to expect the teacher of them as a result and improves the teacher if he has an inventory of these questions and problems After discussion and writing on the blackboard with the addition of new concepts and words that dealt with the subject of the study and the teachers of the longer in advance of the problem and the print and distribute revolve around him to discuss the preliminary like to walk in the lesson or a film or an experiment or take a trip until it becomes so because of this experience and the clear goal of students seeking from behind to get the knowledge that help to answer these questions or solve raised specific problems.
(D) the preparation of the place:
Of the most reduces the student benefit from what the teacher from teaching aids used to see the lack of interest of the teacher to creating the place that helps to take advantage of this means if overlooked lesson (dim room) Special Alert optical not be seen only when the film, said that interest in these factors create field the right to use the means utilized properly leads to increase its usefulness.
(2) phase of use:
Stop to take advantage of educational tools to a large extent on the manner in which the teacher is followed in the use of the means and the extent of student involvement a positive part in getting the expertise and responsibility for the way the teacher at this stage several aspects.
A) creating a conducive environment for learning: It is to make sure the teacher during the use of educational means that everything is going as planned, it should note the clarity of sound and image while viewing movies or photos, maps hanging or material presented in place allows for everyone to see it or that the voice sound recordings up to all students.
B) identify the purpose of the use of the means:
And here must be on the teacher to determine for himself the purpose of the use of educational means at every step during the course of the lesson was the teacher uses the film to provide a new lesson or used to explain the lesson, summarizing, to assess student achievement Similarly, the teacher may ask the students watch microscopic slides under a microscope to see the contents of the cell has asking them to go to the library to view, read and answer some questions and so all the way to achieve a goal of the lesson defined objectives and must be careful the teacher that the student take a positive attitude towards the use of educational means jointly., alone or in groups to choose the right educational means, for example, such as selection of movies or trips or preparation the work of photographers or the preparation of the paintings is also involved in raising questions and formulate the problems that relate to the topic of the means used and likewise should be involved in taking responsibility for Chapter preparation and operation of the devices, which makes use of the means of integrated educational process works to enrich the student experience and are essential in the use of means learning that the teacher works on

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