repair what may happen to her failures, and what might replace the damaged ones

(K) not to keep the vehicle in front of the students after use in order to avoid the follow-up they left for the teacher.
L answer any inquiries necessary for the learner about the means.
4. rules after the completion of the use of means …
(A) calendar means: to learn about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness in achieving the goal of which, and how the students interact with them, and the need to use it or not use it again.
(B) Maintenance means: any repair what may happen to her failures, and what might replace the damaged ones, and re-cleaned and coordination, in order to be ready for use again.
(C) Name means: any stored in a suitable place to keep them when requested or used in the times to come. (Maher Ismail – p. 173) 0
* Basics in the use of teaching aids:
1. Identify the learning objectives achieved by means of accurately ..
This requires a good knowledge of the formulation of objectives in a manner accurately measurable and knowledge levels also objectives: mental, motor, emotional … etc.
And the ability of the user to define these goals, assisted on the proper choice of the means that achieve this goal or that.
2. knowledge of the target group and observed characteristics ..
The mean target pupils category, and user education means he has to be knowledgeable of the age and level Alzkaia and cognitive needs of learners in order to ensure the effective use of the device 0
3. knowledge of the school curriculum and how these means and the integration of the curriculum ..
The concept of the modern approach:
Article or content does not mean that in a textbook but includes: objectives, content, teaching and Calendar mode, meaning that the user of the device teaching him good knowledge of the objectives and content of the course material and way of teaching and way of Calendar so that it can more appropriately and better for the means it requires the use of a mass or individual way .
4. experience means prior to use ..
And teacher user is on experimenting with the means before use and this helps him to make an appropriate decision on the use and determine the appropriate time to display, as well as the right place, as he saves himself from unpleasant surprises may occur was showing a film is desired movie or be a display device unfit for work, or Description means to be in non-conforming directory for the content of this causing embarrassment to the teacher and chaos among students.
5. create the minds of the disciples to receive the content of the message ..

 and methods used to create the minds of the disciples:
• directing a series of questions to the students, urging them to follow the means.
• summarize the content with the means to draw attention to important points not exposed to the summary.
• Identify a specific problem helps the means to resolve them.
6. create the right atmosphere for the use of the means:
This includes all the natural conditions of the place, which means it will be used, such as: lighting, ventilation, saving devices, use of timely lesson 0
If the user of the device did not succeed in creating the right atmosphere, it is certainly the failure to obtain the desired results.
7. calendar means 00
It includes Calendar consequences of the use of means with goals that were prepared for it 0
And is usually Calendar tool to measure the collection of students after using the means, or knowledge of studying trends and tendencies, skills and the ability of the means to create an atmosphere of the educational process 0

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