the student through the use of different instructional experiences

This is intended to make the education process more economical by increasing the proportion of learning to its cost. The goal of the President means of achieving the goals of educational learning measurable effective level of cost in time, effort and resources.
Third: teaching aids to help stimulate student interest and satisfy his need to learn
It takes the student through the use of different instructional experiences that excite some interest and achieve its objectives.
The higher the educational experiences through which the learner closer to realism has become a concrete meaning is closely related to the objectives which the student seeks to achieve and desires that are eager to satisfy 0
Fourth, help to increase the student experience, making it more willing to learn
This willingness, which if reached by the pupil be taught in the best picture 0
An example of this watch a film about some of the topics the school create the necessary experience for the student and make him more willing to learn 0
Fifth: the help of teaching aids on the participation of all the senses of the learner 000
The involvement of all the senses in the learning processes lead to the consolidation and deepening of this learning and teaching aids to help the participation of all the senses of the learner, and thus help to create a well-established close ties between what the student has learned, it follows that the survival of the impact of learning 0
Sixth: it is teaching aids help to avoid falling into the verbal 000
It is intended Ballfezah use of teacher terms which do not have at the student significance that have when the teacher does not attempt to clarify these abstract terms means material concrete help to form visible images in the mind of the student, but if varied such means, the word acquires dimensions of meaning approaching him from the truth which It helps to increase the convergence and overlap between the meanings of words in the mind of both the teacher and the pupil.
Seventh: the diversity of educational methods lead to the formation of sound concepts …
Eighth: help increase student participation in the positive gain experience 000
Develop teaching aids meditation on the student’s ability and accuracy of observation and follow the scientific thinking to get to solve problems. This method necessarily lead to improved quality of learning and raise the performance of students
Ninth: help in the diversification of reinforcement methods that lead to the installation of correct responses (Skinner) theory.
Tenth: help to the diversity of teaching methods to meet the individual differences among the educated 0
Atheist ten: to lead the order and the continuation of the ideas that formed by the pupil 0
XII lead to behavior modification and the formation of new trends 0

Among the benefits of teaching aids (teaching techniques):
1. thrill and excitement.
2. attract students to the subject of the lesson.
3. facilitate the task of the teacher to clarify the information and bring it closer and shorten the time to do so.
4. send the spirit of innovation and creativity of the teacher, and force him to sound thinking on the subject studied.
5. develop the student’s ability to think and observation and comparison .tdjal article grainy among students.
6. increase the learner’s experience and make it as close to realism.
7. help to involve all the senses.
8. reduce the fall in verbal excess.
9. be sound concepts.
10. increase the positive pupils.
11. diversity enhancement methods.
12. help to take into account individual differences.
13. help students arrange ideas.
14. lead to behavior modification and configure trends.

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