Teachers responded with e-learning techniques

Teachers responded with e-learning techniques and to participate in enriching educational sites through (Add notes, in addition typical lessons).
Manpower training and development of skills is a cornerstone to the success of any style or application of learning a new way, and to develop training scheme by a dedicated team further simplify and facilitate the delivery of information, and above all this must be the presence of the desire of the trainee so that it can accommodate everything that goes on around him on this subject, so the training of the three elements together form the strong start to the successful application of this idea and elements of the training is limited to the instructor and the trainee and the training material.
The teacher must be seen e-learning as a means of learning new support for his role in the creation of conscious generation carrying torches of science and knowledge and in line of what the world is witnessing the acceleration of technical and digital transformation, so Teacher successful technically and who wishes to keep pace with the times and the application of e-learning as part of the educational career must him from doing the following:
• switch to use of an allowance to teach article Site via the Internet, if any, while maintaining his style and his own way in the optimal delivery of information used by students.
• organize his appointments and deadlines associated with students through the website user.
• The use of scientific forums concerning the material studied and urged the students to use.
• registration and the addition of observations and direct contact with the person responsible for managing the site in order to enrich the scientific content of the site and correct the mistakes, if any.
• preparation of model lessons using multimedia presentations or programs and add them to the website user.
• encourage students to activate the site through Mcharakathm to show’s special student who uses e-learning from other students.


3-4 general recommendations for the integration of technology education in the schools of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Responding to the technical revolution in the fields of education and transformation of the educational model of direct indoctrination of the teacher to a group of students to self-learning and collaborative learning and participation of students in the formulation of the style of teaching methods for obtaining the information directly and not to wait until granted them another person where the student is the foundation pillar in the educational process, with not to ignore the central role of the teacher played through interactive dialogue inside the classroom management, educational model of router model has changed by the teacher and the school based on the book as the only source of knowledge to model directed by the learner, relying on multiple sources of the information and communication technology The concepts of e-learning is the rudder that guides ships science knowledge about the island including the fertile of a tremendous amount of knowledge and information obtained by the learner and digital technology in ways that easy.
Given the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a model for research in this area, we find that the student and the student alike and through family and school support and in line with modern education policies offered by the Ministry of Education has been preparing them for entry into the digital world in the field of access to knowledge, and through the Internet, but the fact remains that one can not ignore them in Nizbt community and the governor of the Saudi ours in terms of access to the Internet and containerization this network of threads are not consistent with our ethics and the level of religious and moral commitment of the members of the community, and this is what prompted some companies to provide Internet services free of impurities in order to be We dedicated to students and then we recommend the following:
- The application of e-learning in all its forms and manifestations in the schools of the kingdom, similar to the developed countries in this field.
- Benefit from the experiences of others with melted to conform with the determinants of Saudi society.
- Teaching scientific subjects experimentally via the Internet and measure the students and teachers in response to this modern technology.
- The drafting of the curriculum to conform and electronic customs and traditions and the surrounding environment by explaining the scientific and applied models.
- Find suitable alternatives that serve the educational process as sources of reference sources to support learning among students.
- To find a follow-up team versed to activate the use of these reference sites to prevent that be of no avail.

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