Matrix-term and relay to material information technology.

His Excellency the Minister of Education has issued a decision to form a committee of specialists at Sultan Qaboos University and the Ministry of Education to develop a curriculum of Information Technology to the stage of basic education material (the first episode for grades (1-4) to perform the following tasks:
* Identify the intellectual underpinnings of the curriculum of Information Technology (foundations and pillars).
* Study of the general objectives in order to derive the procedural goals and analyzed.
* Matrix-term and relay to material information technology.
* Units of Information Technology curriculum put each row of rows (1-4) and one book for each row includes two parts each part semester.
* Achieve vertical and horizontal integration of these units.
* Linking Information Technology curriculum methods of other subjects.
* Propose the foundations for the continuity of the modernization and calendar information technology curriculum.
It seemed the actual application of the academic year 1998/1999 the establishment of 17 schools of basic education (1-4) in the Sultanate, followed by the opening of 25 schools the following year 1999/2000. It was the opening of 58 schools in the year 2000/2001, a leading idea of ​​the ministry is working on gradually applied, and allocated a large budget to make it work, and is available to these schools, the potential necessary for successful educational process in accordance with the goals of development.
Has been set up learning resource centers in every school of basic education schools in the Sultanate have been equipped with the latest educational and technological devices especially computer ones and this is called for by increasing the basic education schools students interact with the technological development that can not be ignored belief of the ministry of the need to foster a generation capable of to deal with the modern techniques are commensurate with the size of the development witnessed by the world.



3. The e-learning in the UK
3.1 Introduction:
One of the main pillars of the general objectives of the policies of education in the UK is taking another-the-art technology in the world, and in order to entrench these lofty goals and in line with the rapid development in the field of information, which has become the most important development tools at the present time technology has been the introduction of the computer as the curriculum in schools public education in the school year 1405/1406 e within secondary education developer program, which was in force at the time in the form of three articles is the Computer Introduction, programming language BASIC, information systems, and in 1411 was stopped work in secondary education developer, were the three curricula convert to study the secondary stage the various divisions, and in 1414 a new section has been added to the secondary stage called the Science and Technology Department has been its own curriculum design, but he has been limited deployment where not only in a limited number of schools because of the cost of operation and requirements apply.
In 1416/1417 AH has been increasing the number of shares of Computer decision to become two servings a week at the secondary level, and calculating the practical side of the material within the core of exams where the computer exam material before it is examined theoretically only over the previous ten years.
Based on the recommendations of the National Family Computer has been modified computer methods that have been applied and modified in 1419/1420 e first secondary and the average grade in 1420/1421 AH has been applied to the second grade secondary.
Thus, we see that the teaching of computer material development of the theory of phase to phase process and applied, which means it will create a generation capable of innovation in the field of computers, and the supervisor what is happening from the development of massive to keep pace with the era of modern of technology noticed how small the world which has become a small village, and this development in Find out what is the computer and how it works and what to think about it to make e-learning a prerequisite in supplying the educational process more modern technology means even became word-term e-learning students, teachers, school administrations and parents as a pillar of the pillars of modern education.
3-2 division of e-learning to e-learning community and curricula:
E-learning can be divided into an electronic community and curricula electronic Below separate this division:
First, the educational community
Computer is one of the basic means of great importance in education as one of the most prominent aids in the classroom, than through its programs and topics

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