Hairy painting in its final form

Hairy painting from within the paintings used by the teacher to view some of the cards that carry the content of educational material that lead to assist him in achieving educational objectives that are sought.
Hairy painting: Definition
Is a board level, sufficient space, installed cloth and Berri manner appropriate to the purpose of the painting career.
The main idea of ​​the painting hairy:
Objects with a pile or (Fluff) Taatlasq while cohesion.
Hairy painting in its final form:
A panel covered with cloth and Berri taut and installed on the motherboard in an appropriate manner, the painting framed and left hook at the top of the painting. Preferably it is installed on the cloth lanugo painting a quiet color such as color gray or light blue or light green.
How to produce the painting:
It is necessary to provide a panel of plywood or cork or cardboard compact, adequate space, must be cloth and Berri provides, and the teacher that the strain and install this cloth on the plate and framed a special frame, for example, the use of broad adhesive as a framework for the plate and put two holes in the top to install Cirrus through which .
How to produce hairy painting cards:
It is necessary to provide a cardboard sealants and abrasives rough and pens to write, and the teacher that the codification of the content on the cards that the crop them through the cardboard and install small pieces of sandpaper rough behind the stomach card but on the teacher to take into account the following criteria: -
1 – does not use color and intensify as it may lead to curvature of the card.
2 – teacher specifically for the card does not adhere to as it does not adhere to a specific height or width of the card and that it depends on the nature of the content on the card also depends on the width and height of the painting itself.
3 – The teacher behind the distribution of coarse sandpaper cards a certain system, and he has to make sure that the installation of coarse sandpaper does not affect the curvature of the card.
4 – on the teacher to keep the colors used contrast with the card. And clarity of the students.
5 – the teacher that establishes a framework for each card has produced.
Fifth: Panel pockets
The teacher may resort to the use of plate pockets to achieve some of its goals of teaching, and the painting pockets possible definition:
Definition panel pockets:
A flat panel There is sufficient space on the surface folds extends horizontally display panel, this folds are pockets depth of these pockets may be a 3 cm vertical between each pocket and another about 15 cm and height. These enclaves are used for the introduction of the lower edge of the card.
Panel pockets in final form:
A panel of cardboard or plywood or cork, mounted with a plate of Albstoel (colored paper less thickness of cardboard) flexed a horizontal pockets, surrounded by a frame, there is a hook at the top of the painting, favored to be panel pockets colored soft colors Kalrmada, light blue, green Conqueror.
How to produce panel pockets:
It is necessary to provide the board (for example, compressed carton or Flynn), and a dish Albstoel his quiet color, pencil, ruler, then the teacher divided the paper Albstoel to customary division of the environment in which he deals with, for example, if the pocket depth of 4 cm vertical distance between Each pocket and another 12 cm by doing the following division, starts from the bottom and one of the paper Albstoel Dilaah Alrosien is developing the punctuation at the required measurement begins measuring 12 cm and then puts the mark 4 cm and put the sign and so on

What is the educational community?

Multiple, and through its leading role in the various concepts that bring understanding display, and offers of topics and skills of a variety of changing the concept of educational means where he mocked to teach different concepts and give a variety of skills through student interaction with educational material, which contribute to the mental and sensory and motor of student skills development through e-learning solutions.
Today, the world is entering the third millennium, education has become a different path, where he became information network (Internet) a prominent role in education, it has invested this role to activate this network in education through the educational community, to make a quantum leap in education.

What is the educational community?
The educational community is a scientific forum through the information network (Internet) combines the student teacher and guardian complementary elements of the educational process increase the effectiveness of learning and raise the quality of education outcomes. In most cases, this includes the education community
1. E-mail: educational community is characterized by constant communication and send messages at different times and different messages include attachments.
2. dialogue: the teacher and his students from the neighborhood about various topics in the scientific article they teach this dialogue can and students can actively participate in enriching lessons and inquire directly about some related topics.
3. Community: a fashionable way to search for answers from multiple parties Valmenendaat can be general and specific educational community can be a special part of this community, which is a means of communication is directly to find solutions to educational or educational serve this community.
4. Notebook: The instruction institutions aimed to love planting system in the minds of their students, and through the Notepad can students learn to organize his appointments and duties and look at the dates of the study or during the separation of public and private diaries.
5. Polls: Polls can get through the collective views on the issue raised by the school administration, or a group of users of the site in preparation for making a decision about what specific issue.
6. Page user or own favorites: the student needs to collect some of the lessons and solutions or links or forums related to its decisions of study, as well as the teacher needs to be some links that serve the process of obtaining Enrichment information, as well as the parent may need to follow up his son through private messages from school, and all this is through the work of “favorite” which may contain messages the user, the user’s bookmarks, user’s personal information, settings, user-specific, user-specific Notepad, and other things determined by the educational institution.
Second: electronic curriculum

Electronic curriculum means learning support student can from which to recall his lessons and communicate with the teacher material via the Internet as a guide and prompt for the completion of the educational process properly, and probably the most educational sites methodology put e-book course contain separate from the additional explanation that contains exercises and questions additional scientific experiments and so on, and often, there are elements that must exist in the course material, including the introduction and containing brief summary of the contents of the article and how to address them and the most important practical aspects which, goals for every material educational and behavioral goals address the various issues can be to manage the school to add on these objectives, content which is about the topics the main index in the article in which they can move to the lesson directly, the public notepad which is about Structured dates, such as dates of tests article or review, etc., Notepad own a notepad the student can be accessed through any material or from Home, a forum article for each material a special forum to exchange students with their teachers Related topics article they teach, links to article Each article links help to understand the subject matter, he can count every user to add links and preview links were added from other users, dialogue article is concerned with all material Square for discussion neighborhood between students per article and their teacher can engage a specialist from outside the school to enrich the debate on a specific topic, terms in Arabic, offers a full explanation of the most important words of the material that sees the teacher importance explained, utilities material is divided into two parts:
• Part I: services that can be provided and associated service such as: the student needs to be some tools such as a calculator and a ruler.
• Part II: services needed by the student to complete the study of matter, so it should help the teacher as well, for example, a reference or a specific program or Vgar or Maekeroscob.
Questions Bank Bank offers questions for the student or the teacher detailed list of questions and answers relating to article. Students can also add questions Bojobtha or without them, which can be sent to teachers to help solve them, e-book provides wrote Aldarcyh curriculum Saudi Arabia on the Internet so that the user can browse, and use their parts, the curriculum (using multimedia) developed a curriculum rich contents of information for each item with animation and interactive sound and image, text contribute to the provision of high-end information easily accessible and that reduce individual differences among students.

the interview was conducted with some primary school teachers

This statement of the motives, and the interview was conducted with some primary school teachers, and those who actually use the computer in education, they have been expressions during that interview:
- Should be the principal use of a computer to store basic information about students to facilitate access by the school administration whenever necessary.
- Teachers should be enthusiastic style of problem solving using computers in education.
- Teachers must use a computer in applications and skills training for the diverse group.
- The teacher who teaches electronics course at the elementary level that uses a computer.
- The teacher must use the computer to develop diverse lessons on computer-awareness series.
- The use of computers in teaching by teachers educated more than interesting aspect of education.
- The teachers who did not use a computer before, start racing in the use of this type of technology.
The areas of computer use in education.
It is used in computer education in two directions:
First: the use of a computer modern and innovative education as a means to attract the attention of the student displays on the screen of the device by taking advantage of all the diverse potential of Allon, and the movement and flashing, voices. This can only be achieved through the provision of a range of educational programs by experts and specialists in this kind of programs, those programs may not be available in abundance, and here reflected the difficulty of using the computer as an educational tool only within narrow limits.

Second: the use of the computer through programming, meaning that training learners to design easy-to programs facilitated through one of the languages ​​of computer high-level language Albezk for example, and there are those who believe that this trend will develop learners’ thinking due to the passage of the learner in this direction, a series of steps is very much like Steps the development of scientific thinking, from the study of the problem in depth, and then converted into mathematical formulas as much as possible, and transform mathematical formulas to mathematical expressions using Albezk language, then write a program that includes, to identify inputs and formulation, and determine the basic processes and formulation, and identify outputs and formulation, and finally test program The correction that may exist from its linguistic or logical errors, and circulated.
One area of ​​use of computers in teaching and learning as follows:
1-computer and to assist in teaching: Computer Assisted Instruction
This system is intended as a kind of individual learning, which uses a computer program that presenting as an intermediary for the process of teaching. This does not mean that it includes teaching about the same computer process, but in this area the intended use of the computer as an aid in the teaching of educational materials in the classroom. Perhaps this system is widespread and familiar to the public from individuals, it offers information and test the learner, also offers a variety of training and information about certain concepts, and then measures the mastery of knowledge.
On the other hand there are four main types of computer use in assisting in the teaching process is a system:
1) Practice system: Practice
And the role of the computer in this system a review of organization and training continuously, for example in mathematics elementary school, each student provide daily specified number of exercises submitted to him in a way, and evaluate, and given grades by the program without the interference of the teacher in the classroom, and harmonizes the system frequently subjects primary
Such as mathematics, science, and foreign language. This system is one of the most widely used computer-learning types.

world’s population has grown rapidly

Where the world’s population has grown rapidly, and this increase is reflected in turn on education where increased classroom and pupils the stands and led to:
A – the use of modern facilities such as CCTV.
(B) the role of the teacher cued change of material to create areas of expertise to the student and guide the learning processes and the preparation of the means leading to it.
(C) invent new systems that achieve greater interaction and learning by using the devices.
Therefore it must resort to the use of technological means to secure the programmed learning opportunities and made available to the largest possible number of countries and each place to overcome this problem.
3. increase the quality of the teacher:
The modern teacher who rises to the level of contemporary selections, among which the face of technological development and the media, and congestion lecture halls and classrooms, and the evolution of the philosophy of education and define the role of the teacher and the student in the educational process.

It must be seen to the teacher in the educational process as a guide for learners prompt and not worrying and Purse them, it is the designer of the system of teaching in the classroom, from setting goals, organization and select the most appropriate media to achieve these goals, and to develop teaching strategy can be used in the range of possibilities available to him within the environment school. So it was necessary to provide and exploit all the means of education and technology to achieve this goal.
Third: the role of education technology in addressing the problems of education:
1. low efficiency in the educational process:
As a result of overcrowded classrooms and the introduction of double shifts or three periods in the school day each.
So it becomes an attempt to raise the level of education and improve student performance with this congestion and the multiplicity of approaches that should be studied by the student very difficult.
For this we must use technological means programmed for education in the educational process to raise the motives and tendencies among students, and taking into account the element of attraction and thrill they have, and configure the proper skills and the development of training on the types of sound thinking.
2. The problem of illiteracy:
Perhaps this issue, especially the Arab countries and third world countries they are an obstacle to the development of all agricultural, industrial and social fields.
To solve the problem of the large numbers that did not get adequate education, countries are trying hard about literacy these numbers, they form evening classes, abound from the establishment of primary schools, but the increase in population over the expansion of educational services.
So become a necessity requires the introduction of modern means of education and technology in education on a larger scale, such as the use of satellite.
3. The lack of faculty members:
The spread of education in the Arab country at all levels of public education, whether or Alphenn or university need a lot of teachers with special competencies in all areas who can not provide them necessary to meet the needs of colleges and universities and research institutes that number is growing every day numbers. At the same time the Arab educational institutions working to attract Arab expertise from outside the Arab world, the sharp calls for greater use of these energies on a larger scale through educational television or the use of satellites.
Choose teaching aids
Some may think that choosing educational tool is a big problem for them, while others considered that the choice is not a problem and that the teacher can choose what he wants from teaching aids without considering any particular considerations. In fact, the choice of educational means is in the process of organizing the curriculum as it is an element of the education system elements.