stages of the use of educational means

When the calendar on the teacher to leave a space in the paper Calendar stating the means and type of sources and address and the time it took and what it contained a summary of educational material and opinion on the suitability of the students and the curriculum and achieve the goals … etc 0
8. Follow-up means 00
And follow-up activity include colors that can be exercised by the student after the use of the means of the events of more interaction between students
Stages of the use of educational means
(1) the preparation phase
It needs to set up a lot of things all affect the results that we get and the goals that we seek to achieve.
(A) Preparation method: it is essential that the teacher recognizes the means by which chose them to recognize the contents, characteristics and shortcomings, as does its experience and action plan to be used should be watched the movie before it is displayed or listen to a pre-sound recordings or performs tests before being presented to students or examine the existing maps and know the relevance of the subject matter and objectives.
(B) draw up a plan of action: after that the teacher recognizes the contents of the vehicle and the relevance of the objectives of the lesson puts the same vision in principle on how to make use of them who shall limit the questions and problems or new words that help the means to answer them then plans to how to provide the types of educational activities practiced by the student.
(C) create the minds of students: so that the teacher about the way the debate up and dialogue to give a picture of the subject of the means used and their relevance to previous experiences to students and their importance to the students clearly aware of the purpose of using the means and what to expect the teacher of them as a result and improves the teacher if he has an inventory of these questions and problems After discussion and writing on the blackboard with the addition of new concepts and words that dealt with the subject of the study and the teachers of the longer in advance of the problem and the print and distribute revolve around him to discuss the preliminary like to walk in the lesson or a film or an experiment or take a trip until it becomes so because of this experience and the clear goal of students seeking from behind to get the knowledge that help to answer these questions or solve raised specific problems.
(D) the preparation of the place:
Of the most reduces the student benefit from what the teacher from teaching aids used to see the lack of interest of the teacher to creating the place that helps to take advantage of this means if overlooked lesson (dim room) Special Alert optical not be seen only when the film, said that interest in these factors create field the right to use the means utilized properly leads to increase its usefulness.
(2) phase of use:
Stop to take advantage of educational tools to a large extent on the manner in which the teacher is followed in the use of the means and the extent of student involvement a positive part in getting the expertise and responsibility for the way the teacher at this stage several aspects.
A) creating a conducive environment for learning: It is to make sure the teacher during the use of educational means that everything is going as planned, it should note the clarity of sound and image while viewing movies or photos, maps hanging or material presented in place allows for everyone to see it or that the voice sound recordings up to all students.
B) identify the purpose of the use of the means:
And here must be on the teacher to determine for himself the purpose of the use of educational means at every step during the course of the lesson was the teacher uses the film to provide a new lesson or used to explain the lesson, summarizing, to assess student achievement Similarly, the teacher may ask the students watch microscopic slides under a microscope to see the contents of the cell has asking them to go to the library to view, read and answer some questions and so all the way to achieve a goal of the lesson defined objectives and must be careful the teacher that the student take a positive attitude towards the use of educational means jointly., alone or in groups to choose the right educational means, for example, such as selection of movies or trips or preparation the work of photographers or the preparation of the paintings is also involved in raising questions and formulate the problems that relate to the topic of the means used and likewise should be involved in taking responsibility for Chapter preparation and operation of the devices, which makes use of the means of integrated educational process works to enrich the student experience and are essential in the use of means learning that the teacher works on

the difficulty of keeping direct experience

4 – a rare direct experience.
5 – direct experience may take a long time.
6 – direct experience random system within the classroom may occur.
7 – the difficulty of keeping direct experience.
So the teacher resorted less than direct experience levels to rectify these difficulties, but always effective participation between different types of methods are most effective and most efficient
The importance of teaching aids (teaching techniques)
It is no longer the adoption of any education system on educational means a form of luxury, but has become a necessity to ensure the success of these systems and embedded in the structure of its system 0
Although the beginning of the reliance on teaching aids in the teaching and learning processes have old historical roots, it was soon evolved Mtlahaka great lately with the advent of modern educational systems 0
Teaching aids has passed a long phase during which evolved from one stage to another until it reached the highest stage that we are witnessing today in light of the theory of association with modern communication Communication Theory and its dependence on the entrance Systems Approach systems
The importance of teaching aids:
Occupy teaching aids a prominent place among the educational input to the multiplicity of benefits and are of paramount importance to the teachers, planners, educators because of their importance in that it leads to stimulate student interest and satisfy his need to learn then surely that the various educational means Krahlat, models and films educational and photographers offers a variety of experiences takes them every student achieves objectives and interests him a student who goes out on a trip to the seaside may find it in play and Tourism enough to satisfy his needs, while at the same cares Last collect shells and snails and raise a lot of questions around. The higher the educational experiences through which the learner closer to realism has become a concrete meaning and relevance to the objectives and can also be through the use of teaching aids diversify experiences that readies school and practice meditation and reflection becomes a school that field for the growth of the student in all directions and is working to enrich the areas of expertise that passes by Thus, common to all the senses of the student in the learning processes leading to the consolidation and deepening of this learning and help teaching aids the formation of useful interconnected relationships established between what students learn and that’s when share senses in the formation of the new experience and linked to previous experiences and see that the teaching aids if the best teacher use and target identification and clarification of them in the mind of the student leads to an increase in the positive participation of the student to gain experience and develop his ability to meditate and accuracy of observation and follow the scientific thinking this method leads to improving the quality of learning and raise the level of performance when the student. As we can see that the educational means through which to diversify teaching methods to meet the individual differences among students, it is known that students differ in their abilities and aptitudes. Some of them achieves a high level of achievement when listening to explain the theoretical to the teacher and to provide a few examples and some of them increasingly learned about the way visual experiences such as watching movies or slides.
The role of teaching aids in improving the teaching and learning process:
Educational Media can play an important role in the educational system. Although this role is more pronounced in the communities where it was this flag, as evidenced by the conceptual development of the field on the one hand, many of the technical education in the education and training programs and contributions as referred to in the literature of the field, but that this role in Arab societies generally do not exceed usage Some traditional means – if any – without a direct impact on the learning process and the lack of regular use of the method, which emphasizes attic contemporary concept of technology education 0
The role played by educational means to improve the teaching and learning process:
First: the enrichment of Education:
Studies and research made it clear (since audio-visual education movement) and through the following contracts that educational methods play an essential role in enriching education through the addition of dimensions and special effects and distinct programs. This role of the means of education reaffirms the research results about the importance of teaching aids in the expansion of the experiences of the learner and to facilitate the construction of concepts and overcome geographical and natural border There is no doubt that this role is doubled because of the rapid technological developments that have made around the school environment is a challenge to the teaching methods and school learning what abounds by this environment from a variety of means of communication messages presented an exciting and bright and attractive ways.
Second: Economic Education:

materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information

First there is the note I like to refer to it, namely that it is worth the teacher to distinguish between educational materials and educational devices.
The materials include educational Film, cylinders, maps, photos, models, and other materials.
The educational devices are: hardware or special run movies and cylinder machines, so when we say teaching aids we mean materials and devices together but when we say education techniques, this goes beyond just merely materials and equipment to organizations and concepts, methods and activities in scientific structured framework.
Educational method definitions knew many definitions Among those definitions are:
Component of the overall educational system elements seek to achieve specific educational goals.
Materials and equipment and educational positions used by the teacher in the field of education and communication system in a manner particular to clarify the interpretation of a vague idea or concept or explain one of the topics in order to achieve the objectives of the specific student behavior.
Tools and methods that are used in different educational situations which never rely solely on understanding the words, symbols and numbers.
Range of expertise, materials and tools used by the teacher to the transfer of information to the mind of the student, whether in the classroom, or outside in order to improve the educational situation, which is the student’s basic point.
Each tool or material used by the teacher in order to achieve the educational process appropriate atmosphere helps to access Ptlamivh to correct science and knowledge they in turn benefit from them in the learning process and gain experience.
Educators may be included in the designation was teaching aids have multiple names, including:
Legends, visual aids, hearing aids, aids, teaching aids, and the latest naming her education or learning techniques technology.
Education and techniques means the application of science knowledge in scientific purposes in an orderly fashion 0
We conclude from this comprehensive definition of educational aids (teaching techniques) it:
All methods and tools and hardware and regulations used in the education system in order to achieve specific educational goals 0
Classification of teaching aids (teaching techniques)
Try specialists over a long classified as educational tools periods, and has already resulted in us in the field many of the classifications and was the most important rating (Adjardel) is one of the most classifications importance is the most important common so as to accuracy taxonomic basis for the world Adjardel and this category called many of Titles Sometimes It called (cone experience) and sometimes called (the pyramid of experience) and from there called rating (Dell) for the means of educational and some of them called rating (Adjardel) for educational means. When we examine the classification of Adjardel educational means we find put direct experience in the base of the pyramid and which I consider the best types of educational methods because the student which deals with real expertise, which will benefit some experience in all senses and which will act real experience the natural by its own conduct, and we find the contrast in the top of the pyramid verbal symbols that only affect the sense of hearing only (Whenever we went to Zada ​​base Cone degree sensual, and as we head to the increased degree of abstraction top of the pyramid) and this only applies to the cone experience.
Watching the cone’s Experience (Edgar Dale) notes three types of education:
The first type is the so-called education through various practices and activities which include the cone (direct experiences aimed – amended experiences – experiences actress or the so-called Palmmsarhh).
Type II: the so-called education through the observations and views which include the Cone (clarification process – Field visits – exhibitions – educational television and animated films – still images – audio) recordings.
Type III: the so-called education through mental abstractions and analysis which includes the cone (visual symbols – verbal symbols).
But the question that arises (Why does not always provide the direct experience?)
Because there are some difficulties that might hinder the teacher in choosing a particular educational means, and between those difficulties as follows: -
1 – provide direct experience difficulty at all times.
2 – the seriousness of direct experience.
3 – direct experience quite expensive.

Old educational gave man himself and his recent time

Teaching aids
Old educational gave man himself and his recent time God has hit people parables to show them the ways of good and evil ways and close them’s concrete examples from their lives that the Koran is replete with examples that bring distant meanings to the minds of receiving images of felt watched or touched the receiver to listen to the Koran, he says (God is light, the heavens and the earth, such as light Km_kah the lamp in the bottle like a dry planet kindles from a blessed olive tree does not Eastern nor Western almost its oil shines though no fire Thompssh Noor Noor Allah guides whom He will and God strikes parables for people and God’s knowledge of all things ) Surat Al-Nur verse 35. The remembrance of Allah Almighty the story of Abel and Cain, and how God sent Him grappa kills grappa another and bury him to teach Abel how to hide the shame of his brother this way process, as well as the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him came explaining to the nation about their religion, using parables and images perceived and eloquent stories and practical lessons, he said, peace be upon him: (insured for the insured Kalpnian pull together) and then clasped between his fingers. And people in all their lives using Legends to bring ideas and concepts and to clarify what they want to deliver it to their listeners, and human developed certain ways to connect his ideas ranging from human stone drawings on caves and down to the use of modern technology, which on top of the computer and multiple applications and devices, audio-visual and audio-visual samples and exhibitions and laboratory experiments, field visits and paintings of various kinds, blackboards and other Legends. If the means of educational existed since ancient times but the man was used without programming and was born of the moment and the situation, then evolved the evolution of man himself and there was a need for the means of education in the field of education since the beginnings of education as realized educators need the teacher and the learner’s educational aids to the success of the learning and teaching process, we might wonder some teachers newly taught about the feasibility of teaching aids, and usefulness of the educational process, as long as that man is able to deliver information through absolute verbal as he is not in need of educational means by which the cost of time and effort and money, and the answer to this is that the verbal and a lot of them may not succeed in the transfer of information image he wants the sender, but this may be verbal misleading meaning and on top of that the teaching aids, whether audio or visual or audio-visual at the same time able to transfer the information or experience more clearly and accurately, more attractive and interesting to the learner than be claimed for stability and firmness This information or expertise, as well as the lesson that leads without an educational way depends on the sense of one as opposed to the lesson performed using educational means we will have shared with us the more sense in accordance with one of the psychology view laws: [forgot something participated in the study Hactan more] then The lesson the means learning takes time and effort is much less than the lesson that is devoid of teaching aids Let us take for example, if we compare the teachers lead the lesson himself and assume that all rock types The teacher first explain the lesson explanation verbally abstract dependent on its ability verbal only and the teacher the other took with him a small sampling hired out of the creek when it was introduced for the lesson whichever takes less time in the implementation of the lesson? Whichever is less, and make an effort? In either case the experience will more accurately and more clearly? And students of any of them will be more accommodating and more popular and responsive? But the most important question in any information the two positions will be more stable and longer established.

And hair word

Poet: Teacher Salem Hassan al-Jabri / Hope Institute for the Deaf in Makkah

Education Technology
Passed through educational means multiple stages of definition yet arrived at this stage to what became known as the (learning techniques) and this development is not in word, but also is the evolution of the concept also function as the term of teaching aids is limited mostly to material things only while the term Education technology goes beyond that to the concepts and ideas in organizations and scientific educational benefit from the achievements of the modern era in a scientific way of thinking and taking into account the implementation of educational, ethical and psychological aspects of the framework.
Educational means in terms of definition and concept:

Ability to use computers and take advantage of many applications and elements of different approaches

Her experience has been praised by many, including the head of Microsoft (Bill Gates) when her private visit. The aim of the Australian and Zarhalterpah – by the year 2001 to apply the techniques Education Plan in all schools so that managers and staff and students are able to:
• Ability to use computers and take advantage of many applications and elements of different approaches.
• Permanent qualification and use of technologies in education and in the ordinary life activities, as well as in school programs
• develop their skills in the use of many of the teaching techniques.
While it is possible (91%) of the schools access to the network, the Internet (80%) of schools are using at the moment an internal local area network.
The experiences of the Gulf States:
Put the Arab Gulf states represented by the Ministries of Education plans to merge the technical education, the following review of efforts in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman in this area:
2-5 experience of the United Arab Emirates: adopted and the Ministry of Education and Youth to develop curricula for teaching computer subject high school project has started implementation of this project in 1989/1990 have been included in the beginning first grade secondary and II, and the project has started to prepare a curriculum first grade secondary and piloted by choosing two schools each educational area, one for boys and one for girls, and the following year was circulated experience to include all high schools in the state.
This experience and has been well accepted by students and parents as well as the goals set by the Ministry has resulted in the experiment the following results:
- I was born with the experience and awareness of parents about the importance of computers in modern life.
- Experience encouraged the teachers of other subjects to learn the computer.
- I was born with the school administration desire to use the computer in the areas of school management, making the ministry is moving towards the introduction of the computer in the areas of school administration.
- Experience of other materials made teachers look to use the computer as an intermediary for these educational materials.
Then, in the light of these experiments has been the adoption of computer teaching in middle school book was put to use computer skills within the material life skills for the first two rows and the second secondary.
Targets have been identified and the areas of the use of educational technology in education in the state in the latest educational concepts put forward for employment and educational challenges in the education process light, it reflected in the educational policy of the Userah future plans emanating from the vision of Education until 2020 and in the documents developed curricula, and These objectives are:
1. improvement and development of teaching and learning in the general education curriculum.
2. prepare students to deal efficiently with the information age and that Bacassaphm skills related to self-education and the use of computer and communication networks to gain access to sources of local and international electronic information.
3. My Information Network to develop contact between the ministry and school districts and schools to assist in decision-making positions to quickly access information related to different patterns of students, teachers, and supervisory and management bodies and others.
4. Develop training processes for teachers during the service and giving them the educational competencies required to implement the new and improved curricula, and by establishing training centers in each school district.
5. Calendar development operations by establishing banks questions each of the subjects and the expansion of the use of electronic tests.
2-6 experience of the Sultanate of Oman: The Ministry of Education in the Sultanate within the framework of the development of education to prepare a comprehensive and ambitious plan which seeks to harmonize with the development requirements of the Sultanate, has provided for the application of the basic education system, which consists of the first two phases for Basic Education and duration of 10 years divided into The first two episodes (1-4) and the second episode (5-10), and the second is the secondary stage and two-year term.
The ministry has sought to introduce computers in schools of learning resource centers, basic education to achieve the following objectives:
1. considered basic education stage the main base which will underpin the introduction of computers to schools.
2. Acquistion of students’ skills to deal with the computer.
3. The computer software used to provide multimedia capabilities help to the development of mental student and contain a huge amount of science and knowledge.
4. skill curiosity, research and self-learning and self-reliance in obtaining information from different sources development.