computer technology in teaching and learning.

1 – I am taking computer technology in teaching and learning.
It is worth mentioning that the process of using computers in teaching and learning, is not a random process, but rather is based on several reasons:
- Dissatisfaction with the traditional system of education.
There are a lot of signs and indications of dissatisfaction with the traditional system of education, including:
* High illiteracy rate in Egypt in spite of all attempts for reform. The only way to eliminate this phenomenon, this stop a stream of illiterate, and this can only be achieved by searching for new methods of education, and the introduction of the methods of technology.
* Weakness curriculum offered in public education, as there are a lot of subjects that progress in the traditional approach Having said significance however was still studying for now, while there are topics introduced as a study issues related to a computer, and which are necessary in contemporary societies, however, it did not care about the current curriculum .
* Teaching methods used in the most diverse stages of Education overcome capacity theory, based on indoctrination on the part of the teacher and conservation by the pupil, and accordingly, the evaluation methods for the most part conservation measure without understanding. And it ends with the graduation of the quality of learners quickly forget what you saved, especially after the performance of the examinations.
- Dissatisfaction with business owners about the level of graduates in many disciplines, and due to the mismatch between learning programs and the requirements of the various business community.
- Feeling bored students, and the lack of motivation they have to learn because of the drought learning, and not taken into account the needs of the students. In spite of the existence of individual differences among learners, learning programs offered deal these educated single transaction regardless of different interests.
- The increase in demand for education at all levels, resulting in increased numbers of learners in teaching significantly increased halls.
- The use of scientifically unqualified teachers to meet the shortfall in teachers resulting from the high increase in the number of learners.
- The use of non-qualified teachers in the educational process educationally, these graduates from other faculties such as science, agriculture, trade ……… etc.
- The erosion potential in terms of classes and classrooms, teaching aids required, and laboratory equipment.
- Increasing human knowledge in the current era significantly increase the degree to which so-called knowledge explosion.
And other reasons why the gap between the demand for education, resources and facilities widening.
And to narrow the gap between the demand for education, the potential and the resources available, it is necessary to use means to increase supply, the most important of those means of a computer.
These indicators also show that the traditional method of education has become undesirable. Therefore there is a need to take into account technological contemporary style in student learning, and its up to the level of mastery of this education, and this will not come about in the absence of technology in general and computers in particular. So we shall provide the educational process through computerized curriculum, also training the learner to programming in a language of programming.
Provider computerized Computer Learning-Assisted Learning (CAL) affects an effective impact on the educational process, and should be introduced since it can learners to get high marks, and through it the economy can be in the provision for study time, and has been evaluating positive attitudes among students towards the courses that are taught them through it, along with the positive trends that can be made up to the students about the computer itself.
Those reasons and motives that led to the use of computers in education, and many others, sounded

The computer an effective impact in various areas of the most important field of education

The computer an effective impact in various areas of the most important field of education, in the field of education and study the computer to teach foreign languages ​​as if he were a teacher foreign skillful, also the teaching of mathematics in general, and the account is particularly effective, and the role of the teacher role is almost full, explains trains and corrects errors, and then test the level and the ability to achievement.
We have over the use of computers in the educational process quickly through several stages, including:
- The concentration of the need for literacy individuals for a computer, in other words, to identify the computer and awareness.
- Recognize the special computerized programs.
- Knowledge of computer applications related issues in the curriculum.
Therefore it is appropriate to provide schools with computers to be used by teachers in their teaching methods, to demonstrate the positive impact on the educational process. The use of computers in the classroom in an exemplary manner is in addition to the program of the Organization of teaching and learning in schools at the moment. This leads to the need for the curriculum to include planned computer. The computer has become more important in all areas of the school curriculum.
On the other hand, it should pay attention to computer programs in the educational field, and in ways designed, because it is a means of communication between the user device and the USER computer, these programs must provide to enhance the learning process. These programs may be in various areas such as mathematics in general, and engineering concepts, statistics in particular.
And in order to be of such programs effective should be provided with charts, and should be computer programs on only mathematics, statistics and mechanics, physics and functions of engineering and natural science should not be limited, but it must be beyond it to other sciences, and I have been using a computer in the field of introductory psychology, and increased special computerized learning programs in quantity and quality, since quite a few years.
At the present time, the multi-software designers designed educational programs show the feasibility of computer capabilities, and therefore the students were provided with more education as much as during the educational process.
The need for proper km of computers, programs, and decisions to developers, is part of the necessary good use of various computer requirements in the curriculum, and the focus of attention is concentrated in the good preparation for teachers in the field of computers.
First, the computer and Education: COMPUTER AND INSTRUCTION
From the above it illustrated the importance of computers in education, particularly at the present time, as the computer at this time has become an essential of modern life and indispensable part.
And uses an old computer in the educational field, and were linked to specific aspects from the very beginning. However, in recent times there were many such educational uses, so it can be classified into two types:
- Administrative uses – you use in teaching and learning
A – administrative uses:
The use of computers in the administrative area of ​​the first areas of computer use in education, and this use is increasing day after day.
One of the main uses of the administrative Computers:
1 – Save About educated:
It is the quality of that information that is inside the computer Takvenha own learners as follows:
- Personal information: such as name, date of birth, sex (male or female) etc …
- Seminar Information: Kalt_khass, the materials studied, and materials that passed the examination, and the level of offer, and as a result of the previous year and estimates with previously studied etc …
- Health information: such as that of health, chronic diseases, blood type, etc. ….
- Financial information: study expense, bonuses, subsidies, etc ….
And other information that is stored, which constantly increase the learner in the study and constant change in his condition.
All this information is preserved and the follow-up security requires good, that something is difficult, it may be impossible to achieve in conventional normal circumstances.
2 – Tables of study design:
No longer retain information for students is the only administrative use in the educational process, but that there are other use is as important as the previous use, is a design study schedules, one of the difficult tasks that take time and effort.
Therefore, some companies have developed Bramja to carry out these arduous tasks, including Socrates SCORATIS system produced by IBM to do spreadsheet designs of various kinds.
3 – Computer and evaluation
Play computer in a lot of cases, the registration of students degrees in any course of study, and follow-up, get it at any time, and this is a real help when you are in a large number of educated classes.
The computer can be used to record and store in classroom activities, as well as storage degrees pupils and estimates her.
In addition, the computer can do most of the other administrative work, such as locating the budget and organization of work schedules, and overall computer use in managing and directing a group of educational or teaching decisions and control. In this type of organization, the computer easily lead role Keep records.
B – uses in teaching and learning.
It is intended to use a computer in the actual process of education, and also carry out computer learning role through its exploitation as a teaching and learning attract the attention of the learner what displays on the screen of the device and the exploitation of the diverse potential of color, movement, and flashing, and the voice. In this area we will discuss the following items:

world’s population has grown rapidly

Where the world’s population has grown rapidly, and this increase is reflected in turn on education where increased classroom and pupils the stands and led to:
A – the use of modern facilities such as CCTV.
(B) the role of the teacher cued change of material to create areas of expertise to the student and guide the learning processes and the preparation of the means leading to it.
(C) invent new systems that achieve greater interaction and learning by using the devices.
Therefore it must resort to the use of technological means to secure the programmed learning opportunities and made available to the largest possible number of countries and each place to overcome this problem.
3. increase the quality of the teacher:
The modern teacher who rises to the level of contemporary selections, among which the face of technological development and the media, and congestion lecture halls and classrooms, and the evolution of the philosophy of education and define the role of the teacher and the student in the educational process.

It must be seen to the teacher in the educational process as a guide for learners prompt and not worrying and Purse them, it is the designer of the system of teaching in the classroom, from setting goals, organization and select the most appropriate media to achieve these goals, and to develop teaching strategy can be used in the range of possibilities available to him within the environment school. So it was necessary to provide and exploit all the means of education and technology to achieve this goal.
Third: the role of education technology in addressing the problems of education:
1. low efficiency in the educational process:
As a result of overcrowded classrooms and the introduction of double shifts or three periods in the school day each.
So it becomes an attempt to raise the level of education and improve student performance with this congestion and the multiplicity of approaches that should be studied by the student very difficult.
For this we must use technological means programmed for education in the educational process to raise the motives and tendencies among students, and taking into account the element of attraction and thrill they have, and configure the proper skills and the development of training on the types of sound thinking.
2. The problem of illiteracy:
Perhaps this issue, especially the Arab countries and third world countries they are an obstacle to the development of all agricultural, industrial and social fields.
To solve the problem of the large numbers that did not get adequate education, countries are trying hard about literacy these numbers, they form evening classes, abound from the establishment of primary schools, but the increase in population over the expansion of educational services.
So become a necessity requires the introduction of modern means of education and technology in education on a larger scale, such as the use of satellite.
3. The lack of faculty members:
The spread of education in the Arab country at all levels of public education, whether or Alphenn or university need a lot of teachers with special competencies in all areas who can not provide them necessary to meet the needs of colleges and universities and research institutes that number is growing every day numbers. At the same time the Arab educational institutions working to attract Arab expertise from outside the Arab world, the sharp calls for greater use of these energies on a larger scale through educational television or the use of satellites.
Choose teaching aids
Some may think that choosing educational tool is a big problem for them, while others considered that the choice is not a problem and that the teacher can choose what he wants from teaching aids without considering any particular considerations. In fact, the choice of educational means is in the process of organizing the curriculum as it is an element of the education system elements.

The diversity of sources of knowledge

- The diversity of sources of knowledge:
Scientific progress is not limited to the country without is, but that is new every day in multiple countries. There is only the need for more recognition of its place and means of publication in that country and how to transfer the optimum way to our country.
It is here found new roles for technology learning and technologies that do not depend on the textbook only in the transfer of scientific material, but there are many sources to provide knowledge to students in their whereabouts even interact with sources, according to the way that suits their abilities and take into account their interests and meet the diverse needs. There is knowledge of what is broadcast by satellite television as a platform for open or written as well as laser discs, computer discs, audio and video recordings and different.
5. multiplicity of tools with which the graduate:
It became necessary to deal graduate with modern tools and devices vary in their specifications and founded the operation and utilization of what they deal with him during his studies, not just the connection with his studies of tools and devices, but there are hundreds of other devices with which .okadd enjoined that the school must change philosophy in graduate education and training to deal with a private modern industrial and cultural variables. Since it is difficult to change the school curriculum and labs every day with each new prosecution, the responsibility has become a big on education technology and its role in helping the individual to self-learning and methods of self-dealing with materials and modern instruments and improves their general business skills and the ability to interact with modern changes, in addition to its role in the reformulation of the educational system in the light of the needs of the community of graduates, information and skills have to be met.
6. the low efficiency of the educational process:
Numerous complaint from the low level of graduates, and that the school graduated semi-literate, and what was the reason is that a lot of school work period per day in addition to the congestion school table, and the Palace of Class time, and competing information and increase the number of students in the classroom. How can we imagine that in the light of the graduates that there is a high degree of academic excellence? And how to address teacher chapter by forty students and each student for half a minute? When will the lesson displays after that paves him? And when the calendar? The introduction of educational technology can contribute to accommodate the large numbers.
I greet you see enclosed in a telephone circuits and universities rely on the largest self-learning and the use of video, as well as multi-purpose laboratories and watch television educational programs that add to what is learned at school and enrich the educational process.
7. lack of qualified teachers, educational:
As a result of the increase in the number of schools per year and which have not matched by an increase in the number of qualified teachers educationally and practically to deal with psychologically and physically students and scholars to the method for delivering information and make it part of the students’ behavior resorted to the Ministry of Education to entrust unqualified supervisors to work as teachers without educational preparation for them, resulting in psychological problems for students and new teachers fleeing from the area of ​​the original work in their specialties, in addition to the lack of familiarity with the design and the preparation of educational programs, implementation and evaluation. This lack of rehabilitation teacher, and allow the learner to interact with scientific material, and to help the teacher in the classroom classroom.

8. different role of the teacher:
The changing role of the teacher the teacher as a result of changes in cultural and industrial diverse society, no longer is the only source of knowledge and the focus of the educational process, but became an assistant for the student to learn and how to work on improving its level and planning educational programs, design and supervision of specialists in the preparation and guide students to study to suit their abilities and their level of scientific and orientation, This requires the provision of educational materials and tools and modern instruments to help the teacher in the performance of the new roles.
9. low level of teacher preparation programs:
Where the few training programs promoted by the educational institutions have become not have an essential role in the promotion of the teacher within the same category, but rather take into often promoted to act as a manager, so it is no longer interested in the subject area and the construction and evaluation of educational programs and teaching methods, production and media education but they often focus on the administrative methods in schools. In addition to the lack of taking the teacher has a new one because it ensures overcome in most cases, and the lack of financial incentive, and some programs do not take into account the different teachers disciplines and ways of development educationally and scientifically, and I think that the use of educational technology in the field of training and taking with new technologies and which appear to teachers uses as methods educational in different specialties is an urgent need for a modern application can not be ignored.
Education and technology taking into account the characteristics of the learner:
There are many internal processes that take place in the mind of the student spoke behavioral changes in the desired direction, and is the attention – cognition – thinking – and then learning. And technology education a key role in providing scientific article in an exciting image interacts with the student in the classroom results in undesirable and the student’s response is as follows.
A. attention:
The attention in the mental process that leads to the activity of different senses of the student, the hearing, sight, smell, taste and common sense, and without the employment of these senses and the state of alertness that you were at the reception of stimuli can not happen thought process then Education of Beyond, The attention to something that is the focus of feeling to it are identified him and interact with him.

social interaction begins to be free of egocentrism

The most important characteristic of the child’s behavior in this period that he faces things Veziqih random movements without thinking and the existence of thing for a child knew that depends on him.

2 – Pre-operations (symbolic thought) Preoperational Stage:
This stage begins in the second half of the second year of the child’s age and until the age of seven almost, at this stage the child begins to learn the language and symbolic representation of objects and the formation of simple ideas mental images and turns the child thinking gradually from his image motor to an image symbolic thinking.

3 – phase macroscopic processes Concert Operational Stage:
This stage begins from the age of seven until about the age of eleven take any primary school and the first years of the preparatory stage.

At this stage, the child begins to think about thinking like thinking adult; Through social interaction begins to be free of egocentrism and takes into account the point of view of others.

And appear in a child’s ability to walk Almgulwbah Reversibility any versa thinking where he could arrange versa, and also show the idea of ​​stability to the number and weight and measurement, however Vtvkir child at this stage macroscopic imperceptible thinking Concert and just.

4 – the stage of formal operations (abstract thinking) Formal Operational Stage
This phase extends between the first and fifteenth of age. And where the child enters adolescence and maturity, and at this stage of the child’s ability to grow abstract thinking he can count to handle issues of isolating variables and install each to check out the work of others.
Thus through these stages move Alwaleed, who came to this world and had no idea of ​​his biological object only to Rashid facing the world and interacts with him and think of the problems of this world thinking logically.
 content regulation

Piaget’s theory concerned with the vertical organization of the curriculum where the growth stages when Piaget extends from birth until the age of fifteen, where Piaget organizing curriculum content for pupils in each stage of growth suggests according to mental and cognitive development properties to this stage.

For example, students at the elementary level (fourth and fifth grade) fall in the macroscopic phase of operations therefore built the curriculum is organized in the light of the child’s thinking at this stage, especially in the content and training and exercises.

 teaching process

Piaget suggests taking into account the mental development of the pupil and psychological characteristics, especially the concepts of representation, harmonization and Alastdkhal when displaying any new material theory
Where Piaget divides the learning process to:
Representation harmonization Astdkhal (new knowledge in the construction of knowledge of the learner)

Piaget’s theory and also give important guidance and mentoring role and the emphasis on the construction of knowledge.