How to produce panel pockets cards

And the rib along until it reaches the end of the rib and the extent of allowing the composition of pocket on this side and then moving to the vertical parallel to the other side and apply the layer in the first leg to be the beginning of where he started in the first leg, and then doing a connecting lines between points that he placing them on paper Albstoel, and then the process of bending when only pockets Format is observed that each pocket bottom two lines we call the bottom and the top we call the summit and in the bending process by doing a heart previous names making the former bottom summit and that slide towards the previous summit, noting that the previous summit Do not move and will become the future bottom of the pocket, and perhaps the teacher that uses a long ruler have a sharp edge to help him in the crease operations, after the teacher ends of the bending process will notice that Albstoel paper has become similar to the stairs, and now he has to installs those tucks using stressful pins, but he has to prove every pocket on alone there installs the folds of the party at once and then going to install the other side because it might lead to the emergence of some Alteixrat on the plate, and he has to prove every pocket separately, then installs Albstoel paper on existing painting using stressful Pins and the like and then doing a framework for the plate, and two holes in the top.
How to produce panel pockets cards:
Panel pockets cards are not governed by supply and display depends on the nature of the content that will give a him or on the nature of painting itself is displayed, but they are governed by a specific height, in the previous numbers at the plate production we conclude that the pocket depth of 4 cm and a height between each pocket and another 12 cm so the teacher that The cut cards have a height of not more than 16 cm or, rather, no more than 15 cm for those overlapping cards with each other in various painting pockets, and the teacher that is available has some pens cardboard and paper, which will become the card and when production and after shearing process taking consideration the specific elevation The teacher card by dividing the stomach into two parts, the lower part of which measured 4 cm does not contain any content or the upper part it is that the card will contain a substance that the teacher and it establishes a framework for that part of the card.
Note 1
There are many differences between hairy painting cards panel pockets, including: -
1 – Panel pockets cards are governed by altitude and is governed by supply, hairy cards painting is governed by the height and width.
2 – set in the background of the painting hairy cards Emery rough, and this is not true on the plate pockets cards.
3 – is writing and restraint on all card space hairy painting, while at the plate pockets cards there is a specific space to write the scenes, the part of students and non-Almdgham in the pocket.
4 – hairy painting cards come in many forms, while panel pockets are bound to come in a box or a rectangle cards.
Note 2
Always painting hairy or fixed plate pockets, and cards are variable, because the change depending on what content of the content, like that of any device, substance The device is always fixed as a video and article are variable as a bar video.
Third: educational fees
Educational fees as a kind of teaching aids
Tuition is one of the types of teaching aids, the most commonly used for easy access to and availability around us and ease of handling and preparation.
Tuition definition:
They are those drawn materials and visual symbols of sin, which was designed in order to summarize, interpret and express them in a scientific manner and which are used as a means of serving educational teaching and learning process, especially those topics that are difficult to understand verbal language only, as subjects of science and geography.
Talking about the tuition is almost impossible to explain it if you do not specify what Nstan covered by those words of the types of educational Vlersom many types and categories as well as her many and we can restrict the types of educational fees are as follows: -

Types of teaching aids

Types of teaching aids
First, educational transparencies
The use of transparencies teacher education is beating, cruel use of teaching aids and employment in the educational field in order to achieve successful communication education, and educational transparencies can be defined as: -
Definition of educational transparencies:
A knowledge-based content for reference material, containing elements (ideas) Home particular subject, to be submitted to the target group of learners through the OHP.
• types of educational transparencies by content:
Transparencies can be classified on the basis of educational content to:
1 – written transparencies.
2 –drawn transparencies.
3 – transparencies drawn and written.
As it can be classified on the basis of the shape and composition to:
1 – transparencies composed of a single layer.
2 – transparency is composed of a single layer, but covered.
3 – transparency is composed of more than one layer.
• types of transparencies according to the method of use:
1. transparencies to write them a private pens (pens with a head made of material visible pens know transparencies), which are two type in the form of A4 and type in the form of paper and reel connected to exposure in connection.
2. transparencies thermal copies that are used in thermal printing machines.
3. special transparencies imaging machines where the paper placed in the place of the camera and are frequently used in the filming of Quranic verses and topics of single color, multiplication tables and other computational processes that do not have any multiple colors.
4. Special computerized transparencies which is of two types:
1. Type of laser printers.
2. Type other color printers known as DESKJET Among the most famous brands of HP printers.
Examples of the production of educational transparencies hand means the following.
1 – the production of educational transparencies manual way (transparencies manual).
Here we need to have a special transparency called hand to transparency and to the origin is located on a dark paper to be transferred to transparency and hand to a private writing on transparency handmade pens and be the kind of hard and need frame to install the transparency it after completion because the frame keeps the transparency as we can record the subject of transparency Thus, what the teacher only put hand on the original transparency and carry out regular transparency.
2 – Production of educational thermal transparencies.
Here we will use thermal copies and transparency of special machine so-called thermal transparent and to the origin to be transferred to such transparency and to the window to prove it transparency, and then the teacher put transparency on the origin and enter through the private thermal copying machine and then wait for exit from the other side of the device has been printed on a transparency and then installs it on the frame. Preferably before the original entry with thermal transparency traffic on all originally penciled content, because this device works infrared that can not penetrate the material lead-and so the clarity of content in the end on the thermal print transparency will be better, and generally there are thermal Duplicators counter the more underestimated value of the number on the counter whenever exposed thermal origin and transparency is greater than the amount of radiation to the infrared which helps us to increase the visibility of thermal printed on the transparency of educational content.
 but how to differentiate between transparency manual thermal and transparency?
Using the following differences: -
1 – Transparency manual thicker than the thermal transparency.
2 – usually thermal transparency come severed (Parwmh) in one of the four corners.
3 – usually comes thermal color transparency, transparency does not come hand-colored.
What better production of educational transparencies way vertical or horizontal way? And why?
The best is produced in a horizontal manner, and for the following reasons:
1 – in order to avoid and excluded from accompanying the device defect which will be presented by the Transparency later, and this defect is known defect angular deviation, we find that the upper side of the rectangle Lighted emerging from the largest organ in the size of the lower leg which will affect the contents of transparency when viewed in a manner vertical, We can cry from this defect by tilting the screen that displays the content of the top forward even moderate somewhat Dhalaan upper and lower, but some teachers use the separation wall as a screen display of this device which we can not deal with this defect so preferably produced in a horizontal manner.
2 – Some classrooms are characterized Bdno upper ceiling, and if they are prepared in a manner transparent to head in some of the contents of transparency is likely to distributed between the front wall of the students and the upper ceiling of the separation, which would upset the contents of transparency, so it’s best production in a horizontal manner.
The teacher can use any transparent material through which the light performs and writes directly in front of his students, especially when you put some inherent comments to explain the teacher. Not necessarily the use of a special type of transparencies.
Production transparencies by the camera:
The teacher can produce transparencies that they want during the filming of regular topic on the camera and put transparencies imaging

Transparencies Computer
The production of transparencies computer, is one of the ways the production of educational transparencies ways mechanism, but this method of modern methods used by the teacher in the production of educational transparencies, and this method is characterized by several features as follows: -
1 – do not require special skill when produced.
2 – non-compliance with certain criteria as the size of the font and the height etc.
3 – To ensure the clarity of content, and to ensure quality output.

stages of the use of educational means

When the calendar on the teacher to leave a space in the paper Calendar stating the means and type of sources and address and the time it took and what it contained a summary of educational material and opinion on the suitability of the students and the curriculum and achieve the goals … etc 0
8. Follow-up means 00
And follow-up activity include colors that can be exercised by the student after the use of the means of the events of more interaction between students
Stages of the use of educational means
(1) the preparation phase
It needs to set up a lot of things all affect the results that we get and the goals that we seek to achieve.
(A) Preparation method: it is essential that the teacher recognizes the means by which chose them to recognize the contents, characteristics and shortcomings, as does its experience and action plan to be used should be watched the movie before it is displayed or listen to a pre-sound recordings or performs tests before being presented to students or examine the existing maps and know the relevance of the subject matter and objectives.
(B) draw up a plan of action: after that the teacher recognizes the contents of the vehicle and the relevance of the objectives of the lesson puts the same vision in principle on how to make use of them who shall limit the questions and problems or new words that help the means to answer them then plans to how to provide the types of educational activities practiced by the student.
(C) create the minds of students: so that the teacher about the way the debate up and dialogue to give a picture of the subject of the means used and their relevance to previous experiences to students and their importance to the students clearly aware of the purpose of using the means and what to expect the teacher of them as a result and improves the teacher if he has an inventory of these questions and problems After discussion and writing on the blackboard with the addition of new concepts and words that dealt with the subject of the study and the teachers of the longer in advance of the problem and the print and distribute revolve around him to discuss the preliminary like to walk in the lesson or a film or an experiment or take a trip until it becomes so because of this experience and the clear goal of students seeking from behind to get the knowledge that help to answer these questions or solve raised specific problems.
(D) the preparation of the place:
Of the most reduces the student benefit from what the teacher from teaching aids used to see the lack of interest of the teacher to creating the place that helps to take advantage of this means if overlooked lesson (dim room) Special Alert optical not be seen only when the film, said that interest in these factors create field the right to use the means utilized properly leads to increase its usefulness.
(2) phase of use:
Stop to take advantage of educational tools to a large extent on the manner in which the teacher is followed in the use of the means and the extent of student involvement a positive part in getting the expertise and responsibility for the way the teacher at this stage several aspects.
A) creating a conducive environment for learning: It is to make sure the teacher during the use of educational means that everything is going as planned, it should note the clarity of sound and image while viewing movies or photos, maps hanging or material presented in place allows for everyone to see it or that the voice sound recordings up to all students.
B) identify the purpose of the use of the means:
And here must be on the teacher to determine for himself the purpose of the use of educational means at every step during the course of the lesson was the teacher uses the film to provide a new lesson or used to explain the lesson, summarizing, to assess student achievement Similarly, the teacher may ask the students watch microscopic slides under a microscope to see the contents of the cell has asking them to go to the library to view, read and answer some questions and so all the way to achieve a goal of the lesson defined objectives and must be careful the teacher that the student take a positive attitude towards the use of educational means jointly., alone or in groups to choose the right educational means, for example, such as selection of movies or trips or preparation the work of photographers or the preparation of the paintings is also involved in raising questions and formulate the problems that relate to the topic of the means used and likewise should be involved in taking responsibility for Chapter preparation and operation of the devices, which makes use of the means of integrated educational process works to enrich the student experience and are essential in the use of means learning that the teacher works on

repair what may happen to her failures, and what might replace the damaged ones

(K) not to keep the vehicle in front of the students after use in order to avoid the follow-up they left for the teacher.
L answer any inquiries necessary for the learner about the means.
4. rules after the completion of the use of means …
(A) calendar means: to learn about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness in achieving the goal of which, and how the students interact with them, and the need to use it or not use it again.
(B) Maintenance means: any repair what may happen to her failures, and what might replace the damaged ones, and re-cleaned and coordination, in order to be ready for use again.
(C) Name means: any stored in a suitable place to keep them when requested or used in the times to come. (Maher Ismail – p. 173) 0
* Basics in the use of teaching aids:
1. Identify the learning objectives achieved by means of accurately ..
This requires a good knowledge of the formulation of objectives in a manner accurately measurable and knowledge levels also objectives: mental, motor, emotional … etc.
And the ability of the user to define these goals, assisted on the proper choice of the means that achieve this goal or that.
2. knowledge of the target group and observed characteristics ..
The mean target pupils category, and user education means he has to be knowledgeable of the age and level Alzkaia and cognitive needs of learners in order to ensure the effective use of the device 0
3. knowledge of the school curriculum and how these means and the integration of the curriculum ..
The concept of the modern approach:
Article or content does not mean that in a textbook but includes: objectives, content, teaching and Calendar mode, meaning that the user of the device teaching him good knowledge of the objectives and content of the course material and way of teaching and way of Calendar so that it can more appropriately and better for the means it requires the use of a mass or individual way .
4. experience means prior to use ..
And teacher user is on experimenting with the means before use and this helps him to make an appropriate decision on the use and determine the appropriate time to display, as well as the right place, as he saves himself from unpleasant surprises may occur was showing a film is desired movie or be a display device unfit for work, or Description means to be in non-conforming directory for the content of this causing embarrassment to the teacher and chaos among students.
5. create the minds of the disciples to receive the content of the message ..

 and methods used to create the minds of the disciples:
• directing a series of questions to the students, urging them to follow the means.
• summarize the content with the means to draw attention to important points not exposed to the summary.
• Identify a specific problem helps the means to resolve them.
6. create the right atmosphere for the use of the means:
This includes all the natural conditions of the place, which means it will be used, such as: lighting, ventilation, saving devices, use of timely lesson 0
If the user of the device did not succeed in creating the right atmosphere, it is certainly the failure to obtain the desired results.
7. calendar means 00
It includes Calendar consequences of the use of means with goals that were prepared for it 0
And is usually Calendar tool to measure the collection of students after using the means, or knowledge of studying trends and tendencies, skills and the ability of the means to create an atmosphere of the educational process 0

the student through the use of different instructional experiences

This is intended to make the education process more economical by increasing the proportion of learning to its cost. The goal of the President means of achieving the goals of educational learning measurable effective level of cost in time, effort and resources.
Third: teaching aids to help stimulate student interest and satisfy his need to learn
It takes the student through the use of different instructional experiences that excite some interest and achieve its objectives.
The higher the educational experiences through which the learner closer to realism has become a concrete meaning is closely related to the objectives which the student seeks to achieve and desires that are eager to satisfy 0
Fourth, help to increase the student experience, making it more willing to learn
This willingness, which if reached by the pupil be taught in the best picture 0
An example of this watch a film about some of the topics the school create the necessary experience for the student and make him more willing to learn 0
Fifth: the help of teaching aids on the participation of all the senses of the learner 000
The involvement of all the senses in the learning processes lead to the consolidation and deepening of this learning and teaching aids to help the participation of all the senses of the learner, and thus help to create a well-established close ties between what the student has learned, it follows that the survival of the impact of learning 0
Sixth: it is teaching aids help to avoid falling into the verbal 000
It is intended Ballfezah use of teacher terms which do not have at the student significance that have when the teacher does not attempt to clarify these abstract terms means material concrete help to form visible images in the mind of the student, but if varied such means, the word acquires dimensions of meaning approaching him from the truth which It helps to increase the convergence and overlap between the meanings of words in the mind of both the teacher and the pupil.
Seventh: the diversity of educational methods lead to the formation of sound concepts …
Eighth: help increase student participation in the positive gain experience 000
Develop teaching aids meditation on the student’s ability and accuracy of observation and follow the scientific thinking to get to solve problems. This method necessarily lead to improved quality of learning and raise the performance of students
Ninth: help in the diversification of reinforcement methods that lead to the installation of correct responses (Skinner) theory.
Tenth: help to the diversity of teaching methods to meet the individual differences among the educated 0
Atheist ten: to lead the order and the continuation of the ideas that formed by the pupil 0
XII lead to behavior modification and the formation of new trends 0

Among the benefits of teaching aids (teaching techniques):
1. thrill and excitement.
2. attract students to the subject of the lesson.
3. facilitate the task of the teacher to clarify the information and bring it closer and shorten the time to do so.
4. send the spirit of innovation and creativity of the teacher, and force him to sound thinking on the subject studied.
5. develop the student’s ability to think and observation and comparison .tdjal article grainy among students.
6. increase the learner’s experience and make it as close to realism.
7. help to involve all the senses.
8. reduce the fall in verbal excess.
9. be sound concepts.
10. increase the positive pupils.
11. diversity enhancement methods.
12. help to take into account individual differences.
13. help students arrange ideas.
14. lead to behavior modification and configure trends.